A 2nd Grade Book List That Will Delight Your Child

Reading great books is one of my favorite ways to learn and homeschool. Sharing books with Emily is definitely one of the best parts of our day. It’s a great way to strengthen our connection and learn about topics together. 

The Power Of Books In Learning

It’s totally possible to just read books and still learn just about everything you need to know. In fact, some of the world’s most successful people are those that spend time reading and learning from books long after they’re finished with school. Helping our daughter fall in love with books and love reading is a huge part of ensuring that she will be a successful lifelong learner.

I’ve been reading to Emily since I was pregnant. Yep, I was the mom reading books aloud to my pregnant belly. I already knew books were going to be a big part of our relationship.

These days, we like looking through the shelves at our local library, browsing book shops, and talking about what we’re reading together. Even though Emily can read independently, I still read books aloud to her too. 

Now, I’m excited to share some of our favorite books with you too. This book list for second grade includes read alouds we have enjoyed together and books Emily has read independently too. Keep reading to discover all our favorite books for second grade!

Second Grade Learning

At this point in your homeschool journey, your chid is ready to build on what they learned in first grade by developing more literacy skills. Second grade readers can read bigger and more complicated books. They’re developing the ability to absorb longer books and explore a variety of genres. 

Your child is building reading comprehension skills by talking about what they’re reading too. Listening to your second grader talk about what they’re reading is so rewarding! The enthusiasm is definitely catching. 

Just like first grade, second graders still need lots of reading practice to continue developing their literacy skills. Practicing reading texts in all your subjects is a great way to expose them to a wide variety of genres and styles.

I’ve put together a checklist you can use to help plan the skills and concepts you’ll focus on during your second grade year. Use this checklist to help you determine which things you might need to work on and which skills your second grader may have already mastered. There’s no such thing as behind in homeschool, but having a checklist can be a big help when you’re planning your year.

35+ Awesome Books For Second Grade

We use a lot of books in our homeschool! Most of our days begin and end with me reading aloud to Emily. I’m going to share all our favorite chapter books and some picture books we really love too. 

Picture books are great for kids of all ages and we still enjoy reading and learning from them. Ready to see our list? Here’s what’s on my ultimate second grade reading list:

Independent Readers



Books to Read Aloud



Picture Books



All of these picture books and many more are available from Read Aloud Revival’s Year of Picture Books list. There are lots of great suggestions there for you and your second grader to explore together this year.

Booklists For All Ages

We love reading and we read lots of books! Books are a big part of our homeschool as well as our daily lives. I’d love to share more of our favorites with you. Don’t miss my other booklists:

Do you have favorite books or read alouds for second graders that I didn’t mention? Share your favorites read aloud, independent readers, and picture books in the comment section. I would love to check out your favorites with Emily this year!

If you are looking for a way to easily keep track of the books your first grader reads, I highly suggest using this free printable book log. It is perfect for tracking the books you’ve read and easy to add into a homeschool portfolio if you have to keep one.