The Ultimate Book List For 1st Grade

In first grade, many kids are learning to read independently. Early readers and beginner books are perfect for first grade children. Reading aloud to first graders is also a really important part of learning too. Continuing to read aloud to children who can read independently helps them build fluency skills and so much more.

I’m excited to share with you our favorite book list for first grade. The books in this list are ideal for first grade learning in all kinds of different ways. These books are great for a literature based curriculum, unit studies, and lots of fun bonding together over a good book too.

First Grade Learning

First grade is a time when many children are learning to read independently, but their reading abilities can vary greatly. Your first grader might be ready to read some books by themselves or they might feel more confident following along as you read. Since abilities vary so much at this age, choosing books can sometimes be a challenge.

How To Choose Independent Reading Books For First Graders

How can you choose a book that’s challenging enough to help them grow and easy enough to encourage them to fall in love with reading? It’s all about picking the right books. When you’re visiting the library, try having your first grader choose a book from the shelf.

Beginning with books on topics they’re interested in or passionate about is a great start. You can check to see if the book is too challenging for your first grader to read independently by having them search for words they don’t know. If there are 5 or more words they don’t know on a page, it might be a bit too hard to read without help.

Don’t shy away from picture books or discount their value. Any book your first grader falls in love with, is a great book for them to read when they’re building reading skills. Don’t miss my printable Grade Level Checklist for help determining which skills your first grader can focus on this year.

Reading Aloud To First Graders

Reading aloud to first graders and children of all ages is still important and valuable too. There’s no need to stop reading books to your child when they can read independently. Reading aloud is still the very best way to build vocabulary, fluency, and help your kids fall in love with reading for all their lives. 

Reading together at bedtime, on a rainy day, or really any time is a great way to squeeze in quality time too. This can be a time in your homeschool day when you focus on building connection with your first grader. They’re never too old or too independent for that.

The Ultimate Book List For 1st Grade

Here at The Waldock Way, our homeschool lessons rely heavily on reading books and playing games together. Most of our days begin and end with read alouds. For first grade, we read lots of chapter books together.

Independent Readers For First Graders

These early readers and beginner books are perfect for your first graders. The independent book list progresses from the easiest books to the most challenging books.



Books to Read Aloud Together

These chapter book series are perfect for you to read aloud to your first grader. Or if you have an advanced first grader they would make great options for them to read independently. I love to suggest book series because it is an easy way to get a first grader to fall in love with the characters and reading in general.



Booklists For All Ages

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If you are looking for a way to easily keep track of the books your first grader reads, I highly suggest using this free printable book log. It is perfect for tracking the books you’ve read and easy to add into a homeschool portfolio if you have to keep one.

Homeschooling first grade was so much fun for us, especially because there are so many awesome resources available for this age and level. If you are homeschooling a first grader be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling First Grade to see some of the fun things we used and did.

What’s your favorite book for first graders? Tell me all about it in the comments, so we can read it too!