The Ultimate Book List For Every Subject In Your Homeschool

The experts agree, reading to children from a very early age is the number one way to help them succeed. Reading aloud helps kids develop vocabulary, print awareness, build writing skills, fall in love with literature, helps to feed their imagination, and so much more!

Book lists for every subject

Knowing which books to choose for your homeschool can be challenging. There are books about everything! How can you know which books your kids will enjoy and learn from the most?

My favorite tip is to follow your child’s lead. Use your homeschooler’s interests and passions when choosing books and you can’t go wrong. Keep reading to discover our favorite books for every subject in your homeschool and I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of great books for your shelves this year!

Reading aloud during homeschool

100+ Books For Language Arts In Your Homeschool 

I always knew that reading aloud to our daughter Emily would be a big part of our homeschool. I remember reading books to my pregnant belly, so we were sharing books together even before she was born. I didn’t know it then, but reading aloud would become a staple for everything in our homeschooling adventure.

There are so many wonderful books you can use to help teach important language arts concepts in your homeschool this year. Want to see more of our favorite books for bringing language arts to life in your homeschool? Click on the image below for my language arts picture book list for 100+ awesome language arts picture books to read with your homeschoolers.

160+ Books For Math in Your Homeschool 

Yes, you can use pictures books to help teach math skills and concepts in your homeschool. We love using fun math books to help bring equations and numeracy skills to life in our lessons. Check out some of our favorite math books about everything from zero to fractions, shapes, and counting money too.

With over 160 titles on our list, you’re sure to find a math book about whatever skill you’re teaching this year. Check out more of my math pictures books for ideas you’ll love by clicking on the image below.

170+ Science Books For Your Homeschool 

Science picture books are a nice break from hands-on experiments and a great way to introduce new topics to your homeschoolers. These books combine beautiful pictures with engaging stories for visual and auditory learners.

Science picture books are an excellent way to teach homeschoolers about physical science, life science, and earth science too. Try more of our favorite science picture books in your homeschool this year. See the full list by clicking the image below.

120+ Geography and History Books For Your Homeschool 

The world is big and there’s a lot to learn. All book lovers know books can take you anywhere and that’s especially true with picture books about geography and history. These picture books will transport your homeschoolers to the furthest corners of the world, immerse them in other cultures, and make time travel possible.

In addition to these great geography picture books and more, there are lots of awesome biographies to explore with your homeschoolers too. Biography picture books help introduce early readers to biographies and make non-fiction super exciting for new readers. Plus, they’re a fantastic way to learn more about important historical figures with your homeschoolers this year.

Learn more about why we love learning homeschool history through biographies and check out some of our favorite biographies for kids.

60+ Books For Art and Music in Your Homeschool 

We love to dive deeply into beautiful books about art and music. Incorporating art and music into your homeschool helps provide your homeschoolers with creative outlets for mental and emotional health. Expressing themselves through art is a wonderful way for children to express their emotions and it has big academic benefits too.

Want to learn more about famous composers and artists from the past as well as modern artists and musicians? There are some amazing picture books for art and music you can use in your homeschool lessons this year.

Plus, get lots of other ideas for picture books about art and music to use with your homeschoolers. You’ll discover artists from Picasso to Frida Kahlo to Basquiat and music from broadway to jazz, just click on the image below.

More Book Lists For Your Homeschool

There are way too many great books to list in just one post. I’ve treid to include all our favorites for each subject, but there are just so many! Want more amazing book suggestions for your homeschoolers? Check out these posts too:

What are some of your favorite books to read  with your homeschoolers? We are always looking for new books to fall in love with so share your favorites in the comments for us to enjoy too.