A New Literature-Based Geography Study For Your Homeschool

Are you searching for a new geography study for your homeschool family this year? You’re going to love our latest literature-based geography unit study! It’s filled with fascinating places, living books, fun games, and printable activities to delight your homeschoolers. 

These mini-unit studies cover natural landmarks like the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest as well as man-made landmarks like the Parthenon and Mount Rushmore. Kids will get to dive deep into these amazing locations and learn all about them with movies, YouTube Playlists, board games, and trivia cards. 

Plus, these literature-based geography studies are organized in a way that makes it easy to pair them up with our other history and geography units. You won’t want to miss all the fun in this exciting new Where Is unit study bundle!

The Advantages Of A Story Formed Approach To Learning

Homeschooling with great books has lots of advantages! A literature-based approach to learning increases retention by bringing the subject to life and immersing your kids in the history, science, and geography of the topic.

For us, books are the perfect place to deep dive into topics that fascinate and delight us. Emily is an auditory learner, so we use great books to help her learn about everything from history to math and science. 

Finding living books about our favorite topics and learning together as we read is way more fun than memorizing maps. It’s great to look at a map and see all the cool places in the world, but a book can truly bring those places to life. 

Reading about the Great Wall of China is way more exciting than identifying it on a map. Plus, kids are more likely to remember the places they learn about with great stories. 

Literature Based Geography With Where Is Books

Some of our favorite literature-based geography lessons come from the Where Is book series. There are 39 books in the series covering a wide variety of places all over the globe with landmarks like the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, and the Parthenon. 

We love this series because they share information about each place in a way that’s accessible and easily understood by children. These books work well as read alouds with young children and can be read independently by older elementary and middle school students. Check out some of the literature-based geography we’ve created with the Where Is book series.

  • The Amazon
  • The Grand Canyon 
  • The Great Barrier Reef 
  • The Great Pyramids
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Mount Everest
  • Mount Rushmore
  • The Parthenon

Where Is Unit Studies For Your Homeschool

My Where Is Unit Study is perfect for exploring geography around the world in your homeschool. With each of the 8 mini-unit studies in this curriculum, you’ll get to learn a lot about some of the coolest places on earth from Mount Everest to the Grand Canyon. Here’s what’s included in every unit study:

Book Lists

Each lesson has a curated book list you can use together with the Where Is books for more up-to-date information to satiate your kids’ curiosity. For example, as you learn about Mount Everest, kids can read books like To the Top! Climbing the World’s Highest Mountain by S. A. Kramer and Climbing Everest (Totally True Adventures) by Gail Herman.

YouTube Playlists & Video Lists

There’s also a curated YouTube Playlist with lots of kid-friendly content for homeschoolers to binge as they explore some really cool places around the world. These playlists are perfect for kids to entertain themselves while carschooling or during learning lunches. Plus, they often contain fun facts you won’t find in books. 

Each amazing location has a few fun videos for family movie night too. From documentaries to interesting shows, you’ll love learning more with videos like Mount Rushmore and Hidden in the Amazon on Amazon Prime.

Pinterest Boards

You’ll get a specially curated Pinterest board for every location too. These boards are filled with ideas for extra activities to encourage hands-on learning and make learning more fun. For example, the Grand Canyon board has activities like creating a torn-paper grand canyon and making your own 3-dimensional Grand Canyon with cornbread.


Here at The Waldock Way, we love games! Family game night is one of our favorite ways to connect and learn together. Gameschooling increases retention and helps kids build deeper connections with the material. 

There are so many fun geography games to play while homeschooling. Check out our list of the ultimate games for every subject to help you homeschool geography without a curriculum this year. In this Where Is Unit Study, enjoy games like the Reef Board Game and MindWare’s Triumph of The Temple board game.

Plus, you’ll get printable games and activities too. These fun pages include word searches, crossword puzzles, matching games, and trivia fun. They’re perfect for learning through play and don’t require you to make any extra purchases.

Custom Printables

Along with the video, book, and game resources included in this geography unit study, you’ll get lots of custom printables to help your whole family explore and learn about these places. They’re perfect for building fine motor skills, practicing writing, and developing critical thinking skills in your homeschool.

Develop fine motor skills with custom coloring pages. Then practice handwriting with differentiate copywork pages including tracing activities, print copywork, and cursive pages to meet your child where they are and help them reach the next level. You can even use my landmark notebooking pages to  include all the fun facts you learn together and practice critical thinking skills as kids share what they’ve learned in a way that’s engaging and fun.

Where Is, What Was, and Who Is For Multi-Subject Learning

One of my favorite things to do with these Where Is mini-unit studies is to combine them with other mini-units for a multi-subject experience. I love combining the people, places, and events in one comprehensive unit to bring it all together. These landmark geography units pair up nicely with our What Was and Who Is mini-units for deeper learning. 

The best part is that when you buy 5, you get one free!

So get creative and pair up a few of our favorites. For example, combine Where Is Mount Rushmore with Who Was Abraham Lincoln, Who Was George Washington, Who Was Thomas Jefferson, and Who Was Theodore Roosevelt. Then, get What Was the Declaration of Independence for free.

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