Columbus Day Activities For Your Homeschool

Are you planning any Columbus Day activities for your homeschool this year? I think there’s value in learning about the history of Columbus Day with our children. That’s why I’ve put together some Columbus Day activities and resources you can share with your kids this October. 

You definitely won’t want to miss my interest-led unit studies about Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration. These unit studies are flexible, so they’re perfect for kids of all ages. Plus, they include all the fun printables, custom coloring pages, and games that always come with a Waldock Way unit study. 

Keep reading to get more ideas on covering Columbus Day in your homeschool this year, including interactive literature-based unit studies to help your students fall in love with history this school year. You won’t want to miss these Columbus Day activities and ideas!

The Value Of Learning About Columbus Day

Learning about Columbus Day can be controversial, but I think we can use it as an opportunity to discuss the many different views on Columbus. We can begin by sharing what we learned as children with our homeschoolers. Then, talk about how we know much more today.

Columbus Day activities can be about reflecting on how mainstream history can overlook the atrocities indigenous people groups and minorities have suffered throughout different periods in American history. It also might begin a discussion about Indigenous Peoples Day, a day to recognize the legacy and impact of colonialism on Native communities. It’s a time to celebrate indigenous cultures, contributions, and resiliency. 

Columbus Day Activities For Your Homeschool 

There are so many fun ways to learn about Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration! We are big fans of learning through interest-led unit studies based in great books. 

The Who Was? book series is the perfect way to bring important people, places, and events in history to life for our homeschoolers. Discover and learn more about the people and events that led to the voyage of Columbus with my flexible interest-led unit studies.

Who Was Christopher Columbus? 

Dive deep into a book all about Christopher Columbus to learn more about who he was and what he did in an age appropriate way with your homeschoolers. This Who Was Christopher Columbus? Unit Study includes a book list for further reading, a YouTube playlist with curated videos all about Columbus, and a Pinterest board filled with activities. Plus, you’ll get custom coloring pages to keep little hands busy while you read aloud and develop critical fine motor skills.

This Christopher Columbus unit study also comes with copy work in three different levels to meet your learners where they are and give them room to grow. Plus, a graphic organizer to boost reading comprehension as they build a biography page about Columbus. There’s even a compare & contrast worksheet for kids to develop critical thinking skills as they read and learn about this historic figure. 

Additionally, your homeschoolers will get to see where Columbus fits into the Age of Exploration as they complete the included timeline worksheet, play the timeline match game, and engage in map work that brings the story to life. Just like all our interactive unit studies here at The Waldock Way, your homeschoolers will enjoy great books, up-to-date videos, hands-on activities, and games as they learn.

Want to learn about more interesting characters from history with your kids this year? Check out one of the many Who Was? Unit Studies about everyone from Abraham Lincoln to Frida Kahlo.

What Was the Age of Exploration?

The Age of Exploration, sometimes called the Age of Discovery, was a period in time from the 15th to the 17th century when explorers from many different European countries explored and colonized regions all over the world. Columbus was very much a part of the Age of Exploration. Learning more about this time period can help students understand Columbus and begina  discussion about the effects of colonization.

The What Was? book series helps keep kids engaged by bringing to life these important historic events and time periods. Unit studies based on these books help homeschoolers to understand the significance of the events. Plus, they’re a lot of fun!

My interactive What Was the Age of Exploration? Unit Study includes all kinds of fun activities and learning opportunities for homeschoolers. As always, you’ll get a great book list filled with opportunities to dig deeper and learn more with your family. Additionally, there are many printable activities, a video list, and custom coloring pages. 

The Age of Exploration unit study comes with a YouTube playlist and Pinterest board so you can deep dive into the many characters and events that make up this unique period in history. Plus, you’ll get copy work including tracing, print, and cursive pages for students of all ages. There’s also a word search and crossword puzzle to entertain 

Did I mention you’ll also get a fun trivia card game you can play together? There’s even a historic event notebooking page you can use to check for retention and reading comprehension after you finish the book. Plus, a list of games you can grab to keep the learning going.

Want to dive into more important historic events and time periods with your kids this year? Check out my interactive What Was? Unit Studies covering everything from the Great Chicago Fire to the Twin Towers. 

More Resources For Homeschooling History

Our approach to learning history here at The Waldock Way might be different from a boxed history curriculum. We don’t necessarily follow a linear approach to learning. One week we might be honoring the veterans of wars with Monia Michael and the next week we might be fighting a mythological Ancient Greek monster with Percy Jackson. 

However, I really think that a literature-based approach to learning history in our homeschool helps Emily to see how the time period and important events happening then affected the very real people who lived them. Fact based biographies, fun games, and interesting videos get the job done well. 

Following this interest-led approach to homeschooling history has allowed us to capitalize on Emily’s interests and passions with unit studies built around time periods and people kids want to learn more about. Want to explore more of my favorite resources for homeschooling history? Check out a few of our favorites below.

How will you teach your homeschoolers about Columbus Day this October? Do you have any interesting activities planned? Share your favorite Columbus Day activities in the comments for everyone to get more great ideas.