Does A Homeschool Mom Need To Be A Reader Too?

I was not a reader! I know, I know. Go ahead and stone me. How on earth can I be a homeschool mom and not be a reader? But, it’s true. I didn’t read for enjoyment. Not as a kid, or an adult.

As homeschool moms we hear all the time that reading is the most important, and it is. But what about for us moms? Do homeschool moms need to be readers too?

Reading Aloud In Our Homeschool

Now, don’t get me wrong. We read a ton in our homeschool. I read aloud everyday because I knew the importance of doing so. And I really enjoyed reading aloud to my daughter. In fact over time through reading aloud to her I found joy in reading again. 

But, until then I had spent most of my adult life not reading for personal enjoyment. I would turn to anything but books in my free time. Forced to read in school I never enjoyed it. I never got to pick the titles I wanted and I just never truly fell in-love with a book. 

Because I knew knowing how to read wasn’t enough. That loving to read and wanting to read mattered more. I made it my mission to find a way to ensure my daughter would love books and reading. And in order to help my daughter learn to love reading I would have to model a love of reading myself. 

Finding Books Just For Mom

The problem was I had never enjoyed a book in my life and finding the time to read. As a homeschool mom who was either attending college full-time or working from home full-time there were not many hours in the day for leisurely reading. 

And while I know that audio books totally count. I wanted Emily to see me holding a book so that for her it registered as me reading. What was I going to do?

I read a post from Sarah Mackenzie that suggested a way for moms to get in more reading was to pick up a book instead of your phone. So, I tried it! And I used her book Teaching from Rest as my first book. 

It worked like a charm! It took me about a week to get through my first book and you know what? I loved it! I enjoyed every interrupted second of it. It was then that I decided to read every homeschool related book I could get my hands on because I was convinced that it was the only genre I would enjoy. 

Homeschool Books I’ve Enjoyed Reading



Does A Homeschool Mom Need To Be A Reader Too?

Do you know what I found though? It wasn’t the only genre I enjoyed. As I read books that were recommended to me I zeroed in on my preference which is mysteries and thrillers. But, the most important thing I learned was that I loved reading because I was no longer forced to do it. I was able to consume books of my choosing. 

Fiction Books I’ve Enjoyed Reading



And that is maybe the most valuable lesson homeschool has taught me as a mother and teacher. To remember that being forced to read may result in a child who hates to read. And what good is a child who is able to read but doesn’t? 

In short, no I don’t think a homeschool mom needs to be a reader too. I know for a fact from personal experience that you can homeschool successfully and not be a reader yourself. But, I do think it helps. I think modeling the behavior you would like to see from your child is always helpful. If you would like to see your kid fall in love with reading you may want to find a way to do the same.