Educational Stocking Stuffers Perfect For Homeschoolers

Have you noticed that most stocking stuffers are total junk? Walking the stocking stuffer aisles in the stores makes me break out in hives. I can’t stand tiny little pieces of junk. You know what I am talking about the small things that no one really loves that end up in the trash a week later.

I used to dread stockings, in fact we talked about doing away with them because I was so over it. That was until I shifted my way thinking and started including useful educational resources in the stockings.

If you too are a homeschool mom looking for stocking stuffers that aren’t junk and won’t end up in the trash in less than a week here is a list of 60+ for you!

Typical stocking stuffers tend to be junk, instead use some of these 100+ educational stocking stuffers for kids!

To make this easier to surf and shop I am going to be breaking the stocking stuffers down by subject. That way if you have a kiddo who is a history buff you can scroll right to things they will love.

Math Stocking Stuffers

 edxeducation-12010 Linking Cubes Learning Wrap-ups Math Learning Resources Minute Math Riddles For MOBI Fast Fun Think Fun Math Math for Love Qwixx – A PlayMonster 7 ATE Genius Games Math SET: The Family Melon Rind Clumsy 24 GAME: 48 Looney Labs Fluxx Pop for Addition Learning Resources I

Language Arts Stocking Stuffers

 DEWENWILS USB Rechargeable Celestial i-clips Magnetic Word Search: Variety Stocking Stuffer Mad eeBoo Create and Tell Tale Card Rory’s Story Cube Learning Resources Pop Bananagrams Looney Labs Mad Educational Insights Super Play On Words ThinkFun Word A Boggle Classic Game Word Shout Dice Junior Learning Roll

Science & Nature Stocking Stuffers

 Pocket Genius: Science Celestron Kids Let BRIGENIUS 8×21 Small Eyeskey High-end 10X25 gofindit – Outdoor Qurious Space | STEM: Science and Professor Noggin’s Wonders Looney Labs Chemistry Ecosystem Match a Pair Match a Leaf: Steve Spangler Science 4M Kidzlabs Pocket TINY Robots SmartLab Toys Tiny

Geography & History Stocking Stuffers

 Round World Products Learning Resources Inflatable National Geographic Compact Country Trump Cards Flipping Flags Card Professor Noggin’s Geography Tactic Games US The World Game Gamewright The Scrambled 100 PICS US The Scholastic USA Learning Wrap-ups States

 Timeline Classic Interesting History Top Horrible Games Similo Professor Noggin’s Ancient

Art Stocking Stuffers

 Crayola Crayons 24 Crayola Erasable Colored Crayola Silly Scents Crayola Ultra Clean Watercolor Cake Set, Water Coloring Brush Derwent Charcoal Pencils, Arteza Watercolor Pencils Non Toxic Soft Sakura XLP25 25-Piece GOTIDEAL Acrylic Paint Strathmore 566-5 500 Show Me the Mythical Creatures Drawing ToyPlaya Toys & Professor Noggin’s History

Logic Stocking Stuffers

 Perfectly Logical!: Challenging Difficult Riddles For Wooden Blocks Puzzle CuberSpeed Rainbow Ball Logic Links Puzzle ThinkFun Swish – ThinkFun Chocolate Fix Educational Insights Kanoodle SmartGames IQ Focus ThinkFun Shape by ThinkFun Cat Crimes ThinkFun Hoppers Logic SmartGames Jump in’, Think Fun Lunar ThinkFun Brain Fitness Educational Insights BrainBolt

Subscriptions are a great thing to add to stockings too. Most companies offer a way for you to print a gift certificate/letter to let someone know that they will be receiving their first box soon. Just add that paper to the stocking and bam a fantastic educational stocking stuffer that will last all year!

Subscriptions as Gifts

Card games make excellent stocking stuffers too!

Stocking Stuffers Card Games

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