Gameschool Your Way Through the Holidays

Gameschool your way through the holidays with us this year! I’m very excited to show you how we use games to keep learning through the holiday season. It’s how we check off all the boxes and still have fun connecting and making memories together.

You won’t want to miss all our favorite math games for practicing important numeracy concepts over the holiday break. Plus, language arts games we love that cover spelling, reading skills, and writing too. Then, go on an adventure with history and geography games that are perfect for adding to your homeschool this holiday season. 

Keep reading to discover all these games and more with your homeschoolers this holiday season. Plus, check out how we slow down and enjoy family time while learning together all Christmas long with some of our favorite tips, tricks, and resources!

The Holidays Are A Perfect Time To Add More Games To Your Learning

Gameschooling is all about using games to teach learning concepts. Learning and practicing academic subjects and skills through gameplay is an engaging way to give kids hands-on learning practice. Gameschooling gives kids real-world practice with basic skills like taking turns, being a good sport, and practicing strategy too. 

During the holiday season, we use gameplay to help celebrate the season and spend quality time together as a family too. Your family can enjoy the holidays and connect with each other through gameschooling too. Games are perfect for making memories together this Christmas! 

Plus, they help put my mind at ease. We can go through a whole school day by playing games that line up with each subject or concept we’re studying. It’s a great way to ensure you’re still learning and checking off those boxes during the busy holiday season. 

Gameschool Your Way Through The Holidays With These Educational Games

Here at The Waldock Way, gameschooling is a big part of our family and our homeschool. We love playing games together as a family! There are so many cool things we have learned from gameplay and it’s a great way to practice skills with Emily too.

Did you know you can find a game for every subject you’re studying? There are even art games, music games, and logic games you can play when you’re gameschooling. Keep reading to discover our favorite math, language arts, science, history, geography, and logic games to play together especially great for the holidays.

Math Games

Connect as a family, practice important math concepts, and have fun together over the holidays with some of our favorite Math Games. These games teach everything including counting, number identification, addition, and multiplication. 

One of our old favorites to play during the holidays (and year-round) is Yahtzee. There’s even a fun holiday version to play this Christmas! A new favorite is Lumps, a holiday dice game that’s sure to bring out the smiles.

Language Arts Games

This holiday season, have fun with storytelling games, phonics and sight word games, spelling games, and word games that bring language arts concepts to life. Plus, make family memories together playing classics like Scrabble and new Language Arts Games you’ll love too.

Geography and History Games

Travel around the world with Santa in a holiday geography game like Santa’s Sleigh Ride. Discover all kinds of fun ways to celebrate the season with gameschooling in these History and Geography Games.

Science Games

Conduct experiments and learn about science with Science Games that make gameschooling through the holiday season fun and engaging! Try holiday experiments together like making snow with Ivory soap or crystal snowflakes with Borax for more science-learning fun together over the holidays too.

Logic Games

Logic games are some of my favorites! Many logic games can be played independently. When we want to play together, we turn these games into a friendly competition to see who can solve the puzzle in the least amount of time or the most creatively. Check out our favorite Logic Games to get ideas for your family this season.

More Resources For Holiday Homeschooling

Homeschooling through the holidays doesn’t have to feel rushed and it doesn’t mean you can’t spend time together making memories and enjoying your favorite traditions. Instead, embrace real-world learning as you bake Christmas cookies and shop for gifts. Check out my Christmas Math Project to encourage real-world math practice with your homeschoolers this season.

There are so many ways to make homeschooling during the holiday season stress-free and fun for the whole family! Get my favorite Holiday Travel and Homeschooling: Tips and Tricks to see just how easy (and fun!) it can be for your family this Christmas.

Then, don’t miss my Ultimate Gift Guide for Homeschool Families for the perfect stocking stuffers, gifts for homeschool moms, and fun resources for your favorite homeschool family this season. It’s filled with all our favorite books, games, and tools.

Finally, discover all the ways we embrace the spirit of the season, celebrate together, and keep homeschooling right through Christmas. I’ll share all my favorite resources, tips, and ideas in How We Homeschool Through the Holiday Season. You won’t want to miss it!

Do you homeschool right through the holidays? How do you keep homeschooling, stay sane, and enjoy the holiday season? Share your favorite tips, tricks, and resources in the comments. I can’t wait to read your great ideas and try a few with our family too!

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