When Homeschooling Feels Difficult

I’ll let you in on a secret: homeschooling isn’t always fun. It’s something we all know, but don’t talk about. There are seasons where homeschooling is really challenging, despite what social media might project.

So what can you do when homeschooling feels difficult or even impossible? I’ve come up with some hacks that help me through the challenging times and now I’m going to share them with you. These tips are ways you can survive, and even thrive, when homeschooling feels difficult.

Keep reading for my favorite sanity savers for those times when homeschooling is hard. Plus, discover some parent friendly homeschool resources you can use during challenging seasons to take the pressure off and make homeschooling fun again.

Homeschooling Is Not Always Fun And Games

Our Facebook and Instagram feeds are filled with pictures and cute anecdotes from our daily homeschool adventures. This homeschooling journey we’re on is beautiful and amazing! Except when it’s not.

Homeschooling isn’t always fun and games. There are seasons where life (and homeschooling) is challenging. At times it might even feel impossible, but we stick it out because we know the challenging times are just a season, just a phase.

Sometimes life makes homeschooling difficult. For example, moving, illness, and other challenging life events make it hard to focus on homeschooling. In those seasons, give yourself grace. Then, check out my favorite ways to help when homeschooling feels too difficult.

Ways to Help When Homeschooling Feels Difficult

So what do I do when homeschooling feels difficult? I have 4 steps that always help us through the challenging times in our homeschooling journey. Try these when you’re feeling like it’s just too hard:

1. Focus on why you made the decision in the first place

Why do you homeschool? If you haven’t taken the time to write your family’s mission statement, now is a great time to do that. Spend time thinking about why you decided to homeschool and what’s important to you as a family to help yourself refocus and get energized to begin again.

2. Take it slow

Just slow down. Sometimes we forget that homeschooling isn’t a race. There’s no such thing as getting behind and it’s okay to slow down and take the time and space we need to accomplish our goals. 

Slowing down doesn’t mean giving up and it might be just what you need to get back on track with homeschooling in a difficult season. In fact, we slow down every January. Check out how we homeschool in January for more tips on surviving a difficult homeschool season.

3. Focus on interests first

At the Waldock Way, we like to follow an interest-led approach to homeschooling. There are all kinds of amazing benefits including intrinsic motivation and independent learning. Focusing on interests first ensures that your kids are engaged in the material, especially when life is making it hard to focus on homeschool.

4. Plan for fun

Homeschooling fun isn’t always spontaneous. In fact, more often than not, you have to plan it. Plan for fun with field trips, games, and time spent outdoors. Work in whatever you can handle and watch as organic learning unfolds before your eyes.

Parent Friendly Homeschool Resources

So what does a busy homeschool mom do when all those plates she’s been juggling get out of control? I turn to my parent-friendly homeschool resources for help. Here at the Waldock Way, you’ll find lots of hands-on unit studies for a variety of interesting subjects that last from a few days to a few months to an entire school year. 

These interest-led unit studies are easy on homeschool moms and packed with learning fun for kids. Check out some of our current favorites:

Who Was? Mini Unit Studies

These mini unit studies can be completed quickly if you just need something for a challenging week or dive deep into each and every one of these interesting mini unit studies all about important historical figures for months of homeschooling fun that’s easy on mom.

Survival Unit Study

Got a Bear Grylls fan in your house? Then, they’ll love this Survival Unit Study just for homeschoolers complete with interesting documentaries and hands-on projects. It’s a great way to get outdoors with your homeschoolers and reset during a difficult season too.

Space Unit Study

This Space Unit Study is the perfect way to make science easy and fun in your homeschool this year. This adventure into outer space to study the planets, stars, and asteroids is the perfect way to ignite your child’s passions and curiosity this year. 

Holiday Fun Around the World

You know what makes a situation feel less difficult? Fun! Check out Holidays Around the World and celebrate with other countries and cultures all year long in this geography adventure for homeschool families. 

Passport to Adventures

Read along with the Magic Treehouse book series and go on adventures through time and space with Jack and Annie in this year long Passport to Adventures curriculum for homeschoolers. You’ll study science, history, geography, art, literature, and more in this fun all-in-one homeschool unit study curriculum.

Waldock’s Wizards and Wands

Perfect for fans of Harry Potter, your homeschoolers will explore the world of wizardry in this year long homeschool curriculum. You can do it all in one year or break it up and do one book each year for a Wizards and Wands adventure in education your kids won’t forget.

Free Unit Studies for Your Homeschool

Check out these FREE unit studies for moms to use when homeschooling feels difficult too:

The Most Important Thing You Can Do When Homeschooling Feels Difficult 

Before I go, I’d like to mention just one more thing you can do when homeschooling feels difficult and nearly impossible. This final tip is the most important one: give yourself grace. I know that’s easier said than done, but it’s so important. 

It’s easy to see picture perfect Instagram posts and imagine that your homeschool is a failure. The mom guilt can be crushing when we start to compare ourselves to others. Just remember that social media is the highlight reel, not real life.

Give yourself permission to have your feelings and permission to let those balls you’re juggling fall down once in a while. It is ok if you can’t do it all or if you can’t do it all the time. In the end, it’s all about the journey and this homeschooling journey is so worth it.