20 Games For Learning About The 50 States

Games can make learning about the 50 states a lot of fun. If you remember lots of boring worksheets and flashcards about the states from your elementary school days and you’re looking for something a lot more engaging, you’re in the right place! Get ready to explore the states with games, apps, and unit studies from The Waldock Way.

I’ve put together a list of some of our favorite board games, educational apps, and trivia games all about the 50 states to help you get started. These games are guaranteed to be fun for the whole family and filled with educational facts that help your kids remember all the important facts about our 50 states as they play.

Learning About US Geography

What was learning about US geography like for you? I remember lots of flashcards, maps, and worksheets. There was a lot to memorize and it certainly wasn’t fun. 

I do remember learning the 50 states in alphabetical order with a fun song in elementary school. When we began exploring US geography with Emily, I wanted it to be a lot more fun. Games are an easy way to practice memorizing the facts while having a whole lot of fun!

Unit studies are another fun way to tie geography in with other subjects and fun learning experiences. That’s why I created Traveling the States. It’s a US geography curriculum that combines games, videos, great books, and fun activities for your kids to explore and learn about the states at home this year.

The Power Of Games and Play

We love learning through games! Ever since we discovered that Emily was memorizing math facts without tears while playing Yahtzee, we’ve been gameschooling fans. Check out my ultimate Guide to Gameschooling for more tips on how to incorporate games into your homeschool lesson plans this year. 

Even the simplest games help kids learn how to win or lose gracefully and take turns. In a homeschool setting, games can offer so much more! Your kids can learn about every subject through gameplay. There are opportunities to practice math skills and explore art history. 

Playing games to learn about the 50 states is so much more fun than just memorizing facts. You can use these games to go on adventures all across the United States with your family while learning cool facts about every state! Keep reading to discover 20 of my favorite games for learning about the 50 states.

20 Games For Learning About The 50 States

There are all kinds of fun games you can use to learn about the 50 states with your homeschooler! In fact, I’ve included a few fun printable games in my Traveling the States curriculum too. Check out the included game pack for 50 State Memory, 50 State Bingo, and a Top Trump-style game featuring all the states.

Here are 20 more awesome games you can use to learn about the 50 states online and offline:



Game of the States

With Game of the States, your homeschoolers can explore all 50 states and learn about them as they move their trucks across the United States. Along the way, they’ll buy and sell products produced in each state. It’s a great way to incorporate math and STEM concepts in your geography lessons this year. 

Great States

If you want to make geography lessons more fun, Great States is a great way to do it. Get your kids interested and engaged with a colorful map that features landmarks from every state. Then, follow the directions on the cards before the timer runs out to learn all about US geography together.

The Scrambled States of America

Can you find a state that ends with the letter A? Can you find a state that borders Kentucky? Have fun learning about the 50 states with a game all about quick reflexes and observation.

 If you win the most cards, you’ll be the Head of States! Plus, it the Scrambled States of America Game lines up really well with The Scrambled States of America, a geography picture book by Laurie Keller. 

Race Across the USA 

Learn state names, capitals, locations, and fun facts with Race Across the USA from Scholastic. This geography board game asks players to visit 6 states, answer questions about them, and be the first to race “home.”

Need to save some space? There’s a card game version of this game that’s perfect for travel and budget-friendly. 




Do your kids like puzzles? Mapopoly is a puzzle game that is great for helping kids learn about the 50 states and get familiar with the flag for each state too.

USA Bingo

I’ve included a free printable bingo game for the 50 states in my Traveling the States curriculum, but this boxed version of USA Bingo from Trend Enterprises includes 720 chips and 36 heavy-duty full-color cards that will save your printer ink.

United States Geography Bingo

EeBoo’s United States Geography Bingo is another bingo style game that uses maps of the US and features our unique geography. It’s a fun way to play and explore the geography of the 50 states at the same time.

Professor Noggin Geography of the United States

We love Professor Noggin’s trivia cards! They’re perfect for carschooling and keeping kids busy on your next road trip. These Geography of the United States trivia cards from Professor Noggin feature fun facts and mysteries. Plus, there are different levels from easy to hard that make this the perfect game to play with the whole family. 

Top Trumps United States

Need a card game that won’t take up lots of extra space? Looking for a game you can play in the car? Then, you’ll love this Top Trumps United States set for your homeschool geography this year. 




Memory matching games are great for helping kids build critical thinking skills and increase concentration. Matchello is a memory matching game all about the 50 states that’s fun for all ages.

Game of States

If you’re looking for a board game that’s easy enough for preschoolers to play and still exciting, check out Game of States. This durable search and find game is a lot of fun for teaching littles about the 50 states.

Ticket to Ride – First Journey

If you haven’t played Ticket to Ride yet, you totally should! This Ticket to Ride First Journey is the perfect way to introduce your homeschoolers to this unique geography game series while learning all about the 50 states too.  

Guess in 10 – States of America

Can you guess which state is on the card in 10 guesses or less? That’s what you’ll need to do to win Guess in 10 States of America. Divide yourselves up in teams, or play one on one, and ask up to 10 questions to guess the state on the Game Card.

The 50 States Game

The 50 States Board Game includes cards you can use for trivia or as flash cards for extra practice. Kids can learn about the states while finding them on the map, identifying state flags, and naming capital cities. There are more than 50 facts for your family to learn in this game. 



Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego

Do you remember Carmen Sandiego? It was one of my favorite geography games to play! Now, you can explore the USA with Carmen Sandiego by scouting out the scenes of the crimes and locating the hidden warrant, loot, and henchmen before they can escape in Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego.

Mapominoes USA

One of my favorite things about this dominoes-style game is that your kids don’t need to know a lot about geography before they start playing, so it’s a great game to start exploring with today. Kids will get to build a map of the USA by connecting states that share a common border in Mapominoes USA

Scout It Out: 50 States

Scout It Out: 50 States is the ultimate guessing game with fun facts and maps of the USA for kids to learn as they work to collect 5 game cards. To collect a card, you’ll need to collect clues and be the first to guess the correct state. 

Election Night

This US geography game is a great way to explore the electoral college with your homeschoolers. If you’re looking for a game that will teach geography and government at the same time, Election Night is a great place to begin.

Stack the States App

There are lots of online learning opportunities for US geography too. Check out the Stack the States and Stack the States 2 apps on your Amazon Kindle for more opportunities to learn about the states within your homeschool. 

More Gameschooling Resources

There are so many ways to add gameschooling to your homeschool lesson plans this year. Check out more of my articles all about gameschooling for math, language arts, science, and more. 

Do you have a favorite game to play with your homeschoolers to learn about the 50 states? Share your favorite fun ways to explore and learn about the United States in the comments. I can’t wait to read them and try a few with Emily this year too!