40 Awesome Books Your Third Grader Will Love

We love learning with great books! Reading aloud to Emily is definitely one of my favorite parts of our homeschool day. She has really fallen in love with reading independently too. 

I love looking through book lists and browsing the shelves at the library and our local book shop. I can always discover something new I’m excited to read or share with Emily. With that in mind, I’ve put together the ultimate book list for third grade to share with you.

Keep reading to discover our favorites and learn more about how I chose which books we would use for our third grade year. I hope you’ll add some of our favorites to your third grade book list and share your favorites with me too.

The Power Of Books In Learning

It’s totally possible to just read books and still learn just about everything you need to know. In fact, some of the world’s most successful people are those that spend time reading and learning from books long after they’re finished with school. Helping our daughter fall in love with books and love reading is a huge part of ensuring that she will be a successful lifelong learner.

I’ve been reading to Emily since I was pregnant. Yep, I was the mom reading books aloud to my pregnant belly. I already knew books were going to be a big part of our relationship.

These days, we like looking through the shelves at our local library, browsing book shops, and talking about what we’re reading together. Even though Emily can read independently, I still read books aloud to her too. 

Third Grade Learning

During third grade, children begin to transition from learning to read to reading to learn. This is a big transition that needs support. You’ll likely spend time this year encouraging reading comprehension skills and pointing out details in literature you’re reading. Teaching your homeschoolers how to do basic research and editing/revision is also a big part of third grade language arts.

If you’re feeling a bit uncertain about the skills you’ll be focusing on this year in your homeschool, you’re not alone. Check out my 3rd grade checklist to help you discover which skills need extra focus in your homeschool. Remember, there’s no such thing as behind in homeschool. However, having a checklist like this one can help you plan and stick to your own homeschool goals this school year.

The Ultimate Book List For 3rd Grade

Since third grade is all about transitioning to learning from books, our book list looks a bit different this year. You can quickly search for third grade books and get tons of suggestions all over the web, but these books are some of our favorites. I’m really excited to share these awesome read alouds and independent reading books for third graders with you.

We were really into book series this year. A series is really special because it keeps going across multiple books, keeping the magic alive for your third grade readers. Plus, it helps cut down on the mourning period at the end of the story. Check out some of our favorites for third grade:

Independent Readers



Books to Read Aloud



Booklists For All Ages

We love reading and we read lots of books! Books are a big part of our homeschool as well as our daily lives. I’d love to share more of our favorites with you. Don’t miss my other booklists:

I hope you’ve discovered some fun books to share with your third graders this year! I can’t wait to hear about your favorites and add them to our reading list too. Share your favorite third grade books to read aloud and the ones your kids enjoyed reading independently with us in the comment section.

If you are looking for a way to easily keep track of the books your first grader reads, I highly suggest using this free printable book log. It is perfect for tracking the books you’ve read and easy to add into a homeschool portfolio if you have to keep one.

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  1. Cool, you have The One And Only Ivan! It’s one of our family’s favorites (including My Side of The Mountain!) My friend loves Andrew Clement; I have yet to check out his books, though 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your book list!
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