75+ of the Best Book Series for Kids of All Ages

We love reading books in a series! It’s so much fun to fall in love with the characters and follow along as they grow throughout the series. If you’ve ever finished a book and wished there was more, a great book series might be the way to go. This list of the best book series for kids of all ages has something for every reader, at every stage of learning.

Some of our favorite book series allows us to immerse ourselves in their world and invest in the characters.

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Why Book Series Are So Valuable For Kids

A good series is a great way to get reluctant readers to fall in love with books! Plus, there are tons of benefits to choosing a book series to read rather than a single book.

For example, a book series eliminates decision fatigue for moms because you won’t have to think about what to read next. Just grab the next book in the series and dive in! 

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How To Begin A Book Series With Your Child

One of my favorite pro tips is to read the first book aloud together and use the remaining books for strewing. Since your kids are already invested in the story and characters, they’ll be excited to read and see what happens next. Check out my favorite book series list for kids of all ages to get started.

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Over 75 of the Best Book Series for Kids of All Ages

There’s a book series for every age. Whether you’ve got a beginning reader or a middle schooler who’s ready to dive into a series all on their own, you’ll find something captivating on this list for the whole family to enjoy! Check out my favorites in alphabetical order (because I couldn’t possibly choose just one to be our most favorite) below.



Adventures with The Secret Explorers

Meet the Secret Explorers—a band of brainiac kids from all around the world. Everyone in this diverse group of young experts has a specialty, from outer space to dinosaurs, and each story follows a character who gets chosen for a “secret exploration.” With a  total of 12 different books, The Secret Explorer series is both educational and imaginative, combining exciting stories with real-life facts.

Ali Cross Series

The Ali Cross Series by James Patterson follows the adventures of Ali, a spirited kid detective who loves solving mysteries. With a sharp wit and keen observation skills, Ali navigates investigations, uncovers clues, and outsmarts villains. These page-turning mysteries make an excellent book series for upper elementary and middle schoolers.


Join Amari on an epic quest through a magical world to discover her destiny in this fun book series. It’s filled with mythical creatures, ancient magic, and thrilling adventures! This book series will inspire your kids ages 8 to 12 to be brave and bold. 

American Girls Collection

This book series is perfect for elementary girls to read with a cast of characters that span different decades in American History, take on new challenges, and celebrate important milestones. These books encourage girls to be resilient, be kind, and be leaders in their communities. They’re perfect for Girl Scouts!


There are lots of benefits to a great graphic novel and once you pick one up, you might not want to put it down. The Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi is a collection of 9 books for your kids to dive into as they get to know Emily and Navin, two kids on an amazing adventure.



Art Mysteries

If your kids love art as much as Emily, they’ll love the Art Mysteries book series by Deron Hicks. Perfect for fans of Dan Brown and the Mr. Lemoncello’s Library and Book Scavenger series. These books focus on famous artworks and the mysteries that often surround them. This series a fun way to explore art history with kids.

Artemis Fowl

Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl book series has 8 great books to transport your homeschoolers to a world where magic and science fiction meet. Read along as Artemis Fowl, a kid criminal mastermind, finds himself in all kinds of adventures.

Bear Grylls Adventures

If your family loves outdoor adventures, you’ll love the Bear Grylls Adventure Series for kids! These books follow kids through amazing situations in the wild including an avalanche and an earthquake. 

Kids will learn a lot as they explore survival in different biomes including the jungle and the desert in this series with 12 books to enjoy. These books pair up with our Survival Unit Study for interest-led homeschoolers so you can get the most out of your read aloud time.

Binky the Space Cat

If you’re looking for a book to give you the giggles, the graphic novel adventures of Binky the Space Cat will do just that! This book series follows the hilarious adventures of Binky, an ordinary house cat turned space explorer. Each book takes kids along as Binky engages in cosmic escapades filled with laughter and fun.

Book Scavenger

If your kids are fans of puzzles, they’ll love this series! The Book Scavenger series by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman is a perfect read aloud for kids of all ages. Kids will enjoy a treasure hunt filled with codes and riddles across the world’s landmarks. 



Captain Underpants

Another fun and super silly series for kids is the Captain Underpants series by Dav Pilkey. These books are part chapter book, part comic book, and perfect for quirky kids or young readers. Follow along as two boys bring their comic book creation to life with a little magic and an unlikely hero.


Cats make really cute astronauts, don’t they? The cats in this graphic novel series by Drew Brockington team up to complete daring missions in outer space. With teamwork and inventive ideas, they tackle challenges and repair satellites together. Catsronauts is a fun series for kids who are interested in space, like cats and love graphic novels.

Chronicles of Narnia

One of my favorite children’s book series of all time is The Chronicles of Narnia. These classics by C.S. Lewis can be read in order of publication or chronologically for a different experience each time. Your children will love following the four Pevensie children through the wardrobe, meeting Aslan and Reepicheep, and cheering for “Narnia and the North” as they dive into this magical realm filled with forgiveness, bravery, and wisdom for children of all ages.

City Spies

The City Spies book series by James Ponti follows a group of young spies on a mission to save the world. The books are set in cities across the globe, and every thrilling adventure includes codes to crack and secrets to uncover. You’ll be drawn into a world of intrigue and excitement as you learn about geography and other cultures together in this series for kids ages 8 and up.

Critter Club Collection

A fun book series for kids to read independently is the Critter Club Collection by Callie Barkley. Kids who love animals and mysteries will be intrigued as they join Amy, Ellie, Liz, and Marion on their animal adventures. It’s the perfect series for early elementary homeschoolers.



Dogman & Cat Kid Comic Club

Dav Pilkey has created several graphic novel series that are perfect for quirky kids and reluctant readers. These books draw kids in with titles that are often spoofs of classic literature like Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas. They’ll love meeting Dogman, Cat Kid, and Petey: the world’s most evil cat. The Dogman series has 12 books and the Cat Kid Comic Club has 5 books for kids to read.

Daisy Dreamer Collection

The Daisy Dreamer book collection, written by Holly Anna, revolves around the adventures of Daisy Dreamer, a girl with a boundless imagination. With her trusty toy, Posey, Daisy explores fantastical worlds, teaching young children valuable lessons about friendship.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney follows the hilarious misadventures of middle schooler Greg Heffley. Your kids will love Greg’s sense of humor as he navigates the challenges of adolescence with laugh-out-loud moments that will have everyone giggling as they read.

Dragon Masters

The Dragon Masters book series by Tracey West whisks readers into a fantasy world where brave dragon tamers unite. Join them on daring quests filled with friendship and magic as they learn to harness their dragon’s powers. This series of 18 books will encourage kids to be courageous and imaginative.

Dragons in a Box

If your kids love dragons, don’t miss reading Kate Klimo’s series about these mythical creatures: Dragons in a Box. This series follows ordinary kids who discover amazing dragons hiding in a mysterious box. Then, they go on quests to save their friends and protect the secrets of the dragons in this thrilling 3 book series.



Elephant & Piggie Books

If your homeschoolers are beginning readers, don’t miss the award-winning Elephant & Piggie series by the famous Mo Willems. These hilarious books are fun for kids and adults, so you won’t get bored reading them again and again with your little ones. Plus, they’re easy to read and filled with hilarious illustrations.

Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Embark on a whimsical adventure in a world filled with dragons, wizards, and unconventional heroines you’ll come to love in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. Follow Princess Cimorene’s journey as she befriends dragons and navigates the challenges of an enchanted forest. These books will inspire kids to use their imagination and wit as they read the four books in this series.

Escape From a Video Game

If your kids love video games, don’t miss the Escape From a Video Game book series by Dustin and Jesse Brady. The Bradys thrust readers into thrilling adventures where characters get trapped in video game worlds. They must be clever to navigate the dangers, solve puzzles, and outsmart pixelated villains to find their way home. 

Explorer Academy

In the Explorer Academy book series by Trudi Trueit, you’ll go on a globe-trotting adventure with Cruz Coronado, an explorer-in-training. Kids will love all the high-tech gadgets, amazing discoveries, and fascinating ancient mysteries covered in this series filled with science, danger, and exploration. 


The Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull tells the story of a sanctuary for mythical creatures where siblings Kendra and Seth must face magic, danger, and intrigue to uncover the secrets of Fablehaven and battle the dark forces that put it in danger. This series is perfect for kids ages 8 and up.



Flat Stanley

Have you ever made a Flat Stanley project? It’s a great way to learn more about geography with your homeschoolers! The Flat Stanley books are a fantastic series to read aloud as you complete your own Flat Stanley project. There are 15 books in the Flat Stanley series covering places like Australia, Japan, and Mexico.

Front Desk

Kelly Yang’s Front Desk series is a collection of middle grade books about a resourceful young girl who helps manage a motel with her immigrant parents. This book series could lead to some important discussions about the immigrant experience with your homeschoolers. Readers will experience struggles with discrimination, poverty, and injustice through Mia’s eyes. 

They’ll also get to experience her triumphs, friendships, and dreams as they read the Front Desk series. These books inspire readers to stand up for what’s right and pursue their dreams against all odds.

Greetings from Somewhere Collection

Another fun book series to explore with your homeschoolers as you learn about geography is the Greetings from Somewhere Collection by Harper Paris. These books follow Ethan and Ella on a trip around the globe with their parents. Along the way, kids will help solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and explore other cultures. 

Greystone Secrets

A really fun book series to read aloud together is the Greystone Secrets book series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The kids in these books uncover conspiracies, discover parallel universes, and tackle family secrets. It’s a page-turning series that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Harry Potter

One of our favorite book series of all time is the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. This book series follows Harry, Hermoine, Ron, and a cast of magical characters on their adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Through seven magical books, kids will learn to confront the darkness, solve mysteries, and discover the true power of friendship and courage. 

We love this series so much that we created Waldock’s Wizards and Wands curriculum for homeschoolers to follow along and learn about science, literature, geography, history, and more as they complete this hands-on unit study for Potter fans



Heidi Heckelbeck & Henry Heckelbeck

What would happen if you found out you were actually a witch? That’s what happens in these fun early chapter books for kids by Wanda Coven. Heidi and Henry Heckelbeck navigate everyday challenges with the help of magical powers in these two different book series with whimsical tales of friendship, family, and embracing your own unique abilities. 

Hilde Cracks the Case

This graphic novel book series for kids ages 6 to 10 follows Hilde, a young journalist investigating mysteries in her hometown. Her resourcefulness helps her to uncover clues, interview witnesses, and solve crimes with curiosity and critical thinking. 

How to Train Your Dragon

Fans of the How to Train Your Dragon movies will love the book series by Cressida Cowell. The books follow Hiccup, a Viking boy working hard to train his dragon, Toothless. Kids will love Hiccup, his friends, and the mythical dragons in the How to Train Your Dragon series.

Ivy + Bean

There are 12 books in the Ivy + Bean series by Annie Barrows. The books follow the loveable characters, Ivy and Bean on adventures focused on friendship, being yourself, and conquering boredom. They’re perfect independent readers for elementary kids.

I Survived Series

The I Survived Series covers important historic events including World Wars, the Chicago Fire, an avalanche, and the sinking of the Titanic. This unique series explores history with children in an age-appropriate way through the eyes of kids who were there. The I Survived Series can be read aloud together or independently as chapter books or enjoyed in a graphic novel format that brings the events to life.



Katie Woo

The Katie Woo book series, written by Fran Manushkin, is about the everyday adventures of a spunky and relatable young girl named Katie. Through colorful illustrations and simple text, the series explores friendship, family, and growing up. This book series is ideal for early readers to enjoy independently. 

Kitty Series

Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue is the first book in a series of four by Paula Harrison for early elementary readers. These beginning chapter books will encourage young readers with a loveable character named Kitty who turns into an actual cat. Together with her magical friends, Kitty goes on adventures that are lots of fun to read about.

Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events book series by Daniel Handler follows the orphaned Baudelaire siblings, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, as they navigate a series of “unfortunate events” and encounter the villainous Count Olaf. With dark humor and clever wordplay, this series will appeal to middle-grade readers. It’s an excellent read aloud for families who enjoy clever wordplay too.

Magic Schoolbus Books

A picture book series that’s perfect for learning about all kinds of fascinating scientific concepts is the Magic Schoolbus book series. Go along with Ms. Frizzle and her class as she explores the human body, travels to outer space, and more! 

Magic Treehouse Book Series

We love Jack, Annie, Merlin, and the Magic Treehouse books! This series is what inspired our interest-led curriculums: Passport to Adventure and Passport to More Adventures.

There are 32 main books, fact tracker nonfiction companions, and a Merlin Mission spinoff series so you can enjoy the Magic Treehouse for years! These books are a fun way to see the world, travel through history, and build critical thinking skills in your homeschool. 



Mia Mayhem Collection

Girl superheroes are so much fun! Inspire your homeschoolers with a unique and fun early chapter book series all about Mia Mayhem, a girl superhero. This third grader has just discovered her superhero powers and she’s on a mission to make friends, be herself, and celebrate kindness in this series of early readers for kids ages 6 to 9.

Minecraft Books

If your homeschoolers love Minecraft, they’ll love going on adventures with Steve and his friends in the Minecraft universe with this book series from the creators of the video game. The characters in these Minecraft Novels explore the landscapes, battle the monsters, and go on epic quests your kids will love!

Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Imagination is the name of the game in the Mr. Lemoncello’s Library book series by Chris Grabenstein. The Mr. Lemoncello’s Library books invite readers on thrilling adventures in a fantastical library created by the eccentric Mr. Lemoncello. They’ll learn valuable lessons about teamwork, friendship, and the joy of reading as they uncover the mysteries in the library.

My Weird School

The My Weird School book series is a lot of fun for kids beginning to tackle chapter books. This series by Dan Gutman covers tons of topics with 21 books and spinoff tales to keep your homeschoolers busy reading and getting to know the kids at “Ella Mentry School” through their weird and wacky adventures.

Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales

One of our favorite history focus book series is Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales, a graphic novel series. These ‘hazardous tales” tell the story of characters like Benedict Arnold, The Donner Party, and the crew of the Hunley submarine with colorful adaptations and fun narrators your kids will love. They’re perfect for middle school readers.



Never After Chronicles

The Never After Chronicles by Melissa de la Cruz takes you on an enchanting journey through reimagined fairy tales. If you love reading fractured fairy tales, these chapter books are perfect for you! The characters navigate challenges as they try to get to their happily ever afters in a world where nothing is guaranteed.


In Jessica Townsend’s Nevermoor book series, readers follow Morrigan Crow, a cursed child, navigating a magical world. Your kids will be on the edges of their seats as they embark on daring quests with Morrigan in these captivating tales filled with twists and turns in this 3 book series for kids of all ages.


If you were a fan of The Fox and the Hound, you’d love Sara Pennypacker’s Pax book series. Join Peter and his pet fox named Pax on an emotional journey filled with heartache and determination, reunion and redemption. This important book covers mature themes, so it’s best for older readers or as a read aloud with parents. 

Percy Jackson Books

What if the gods of Ancient Greece were still alive and in control? What if Mount Olympus wasn’t in Greece? Find out what happens when Percy Jackson, a modern-day demigod kid, finds out that Ancient Greek gods not only exist but that he’s part of their family! 

Dive deep into Greek mythology and legend with our Greek Heroes and Myths curriculum as you read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan with your homeschoolers. It’s a fun literature-based unit study to go with this 5 book series. 

Pet Rescue Adventures

The Pet Rescue Adventures series by Holly Webb takes young readers on adventures filled with animal rescue and friendship. Each book involves a mission to save and care for animals in need, making these compassionate books about responsibility the perfect early chapter books for kids who love animals of all shapes and sizes.



Pet Vet

There are 6 books in the Pet Vet series by Darrel and Sally Odgers that are perfect for junior veterinarians. Dr. Katrina Warren cares for animals big and small in each book while teaching kids about pet care, empathy, and the importance of being kind to animals. 

Ranger’s Apprentice Collection

The Ranger’s Apprentice Collection by John Flanagan follows the captivating tale of Will, an apprentice to Ranger Halt in a three book series that’s on the New York Times Bestseller’s list. The books are filled with fantasy and magic that your whole family will love.

Sixty-Eight Room Adventures

In Marianne Malone’s Sixty-Eight Room Adventures books, readers enjoy a fantastical journey through history with Ruthie and Jack. They discover the secret of the Thorne Rooms, shrinking to explore intricate worlds, unlocking the past’s secrets, and captivating young history buffs in this book series.

Sophie Mouse

Another great early reader series for kids who are beginning to read independently is the Sophie Mouse book set by Poppy Green. Sophie is full of spunk! She embarks on exciting journeys with her friends to explore the magic of nature in Silverlake Forest. It’s perfect for kindergarten, first, and second-grade readers.

The 39 Clues

The 39 Clues series includes books for middle-grade readers by acclaimed authors including Gordon Korman and Rick Riordan. These thrilling novels blend history, adventure, and mysteries in books that tell the story of Amy and Dan as they race around the world uncovering family secrets together.



The Boxcar Children

A beautiful book series spanning 150 books, The Boxcar Children tells the story of four siblings who start out living in an abandoned train car and end up going on amazing adventures all over the world. Kids will love imagining all the fascinating adventures as you read these books aloud together.

The Complete Chicken Squad

The Complete Chicken Squad is a really fun book series by Doreen Cronin that chronicles the adventures of four quirky chickens on the farm. Dirt, Sugar, Sweetie, and Poppy solve mysteries in the barnyard in these fun elementary books for kids.

The Green Ember

The Green Ember series by S.D. Smith spans four books that whisk readers into the enchanting world of rabbits, where siblings Heather and Picket embark on daring adventures. Smith’s captivating storytelling and beautiful imagery will immerse you in a rich world of imagination, heroism, and epic fantasy as the rabbits fight together against evil and learn the importance of courage and loyalty.

The Kingdom of Wrenly

Jordan Quinn’s Kingdom of Wrenly book series invites young readers into a magical realm where dragons, wizards, and knights roam freely. Through the adventures of Prince Lucas and his friends, your family will discover courage, friendship, and the power of imagination in a world filled with wonder and enchantment for all.

The Land of Stories

The whole family will be captivated by The Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer. This book series blends fairy tales with modern adventures, giving young readers a chance to journey to a magical realm filled with unexpected challenges, bravery, and friendship. 



The Last Kids on Earth

The Last Kids on Earth book series by Max Brallier, is an action-packed adventure for kids and families who like suspense novels. This book set follows the adventures of 13-year-old Jack in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies.

The Lemonade War

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies is part of a five-book series that chronicles the challenges of youth with siblings Evan and Jessie. These kids learn valuable lessons about entrepreneurship, friendship, and family in each book. You’ll love these heartwarming narratives.

The Mysterious Benedict Society

If you love whimsical characters, clever storytelling, and a good pun, you won’t want to miss The Mysterious Benedict Society book series by Trenton Lee. In the books, four unique children are recruited by the eccentric and mysterious Mr. Benedict to thwart the plans of the nefarious Mr. Curtain. They’ll use puzzles, codes, and their unique talents to save the world from disaster in all four books. 

The Princess in Black

Not all princesses wear pink tutus. Your kids will love meeting Princess Magnolia in The Princess in Black books by Shannon & Dean Hale. The quirky characters and fun adventures in these books are just the thing to keep beginning readers turning pages as they follow along with the princess in this series.

The Serpent’s Secret

The Serpent’s Secret series by Sayantani DasGupta follows Kiranmala, as she discovers she’s an interdimensional demon slayer. With humor and courage, Kiran takes on epic quests to save the world from creatures and sorceresses. This series is ideal for middle-grade readers who love adventure.



The Vanderbeekers

If you haven’t met the amazing Vanderbeekers, you’ll want to grab the first book in this 4 book series by Karina Yan Glaser. The family lives in a brownstone in Harlem. You’ll get to follow along as five unique siblings navigate the ups and downs of family life, friendship, and community with humor, warmth, and relatable characters.

Theodore Boone

In John Grisham’s Theodore Boone series for kids, you’ll meet an aspiring lawyer named Theodore as he navigates the legal world while solving mysteries. The courtroom dramas, thrilling investigations, and search for justice will captivate readers of all ages.

Tuesdays at the Castle

Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George is a fun collection to read aloud with kids all about a magical castle that comes to life! Every Tuesday there are new surprises and new adventures for Princess Celie and her family. 


The Unwanteds book series by Lisa McMann explores a world where magic is a crime and being creative is forbidden. In this book series, twins discover their destinies will take them apart as they face twists and turns that redefine their futures and challenge authority in this middle-grade novel series.

Wild Robot

The Wild Robot series spans three books by author and illustrator Peter Brown following the heartwarming story of Roz, a robot who thinks and feels emotions. You’ll fall in love with the beautiful illustrations and fascinating story of Roz and her unlikely family in these books. 




This middle-grade fantasy series by Amanda Foody follows a boy named Barclay who accidentally bonds with a magical beast. If you loved How to Train Your Dragon, You’ll love this book series too.

Wings of Fire

The Wings of Fire series by Tui T. Sutherland immerses young readers in the world of Pyrrhia, where dragons rule the land and prophecies come true. Epic battles, friendships, and challenges reveal the power of courage, loyalty, and unity in this series for upper elementary school readers.

Wizards Once

This four book series by Cressida Cowell is perfect for elementary readers who love magical journeys and fantasy novels. Follow along as wizards, warriors, princes, and princesses form unlikely friendships and navigate ancient rivalries in the Wizards of Once book series.

Zoe’s Rescue Zoo

Zoe’s Rescue Zoo is an eleven book series by Amelia Cobb that follows Zoe, a girl who helps rescue and care for animals in her family’s zoo. With heartwarming stories and fun illustrations, the series is recommended for early readers aged 5 to 8. 

Zoey & Sassafras

Another great early chapter book set for elementary-age homeschoolers is the Zoey and Sassafras series. There are 8 books in this series by Asia Citro that cover the adventures of a budding scientist named Zoey and her pet cat, Sassafras. 

Did you find the next book series you want to read aloud or strew for your kids this school year? Share your favorite book series for kids in the comments. We are always looking for fun new book series to explore and we’d love to read about your favorites and check them out next time we’re at the library!


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    Lunch Money series by Andrew Clements

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