Groundhog Day Activities Your Child Will Love

Groundhog Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate with kids during the month of February! There are lots of great holidays to celebrate in your homeschool this month. I love Groundhog Day because it’s filled with whimsy and fun!

If you’re looking for fun ways to learn about groundhogs, shadows, predictions, myths, and legends, Groundhog Day is the perfect holiday for you! There are so many opportunities to learn about science, math, and history when you celebrate. Get ready to learn with Punxsutawney Phil, the famous Groundhog who predicts the weather.

Keep reading to discover some of our favorite Groundhog Day activities and explore them with your kids this February. You’ll have fun with printables, crafts, science activities, and more!

The Simple Joy Of Celebrating Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a fun holiday to celebrate on February 2 as we all await the coming of spring. At this time of year, everyone is ready for winter to end. Learning about Groundhog Day with your homeschoolers is an excellent opportunity to learn about myths, predictions, and groundhogs.

I remember watching Punxsutawney Phil predict the weather as a child. This famous groundhog predicts the coming spring to crowds of waiting Americans each year. Legend has it that Phil lives such a long life as a result of the “groundhog punch” he is given at the annual fall picnic in Punxsutawney. This Groundhog Day, you can teach your homeschoolers about the animals, watch Punxsutawney Phil on tv, and learn about more American myths and legends. 

Groundhog Day Activities Your Child Will Love

There are so many fun Groundhog Day activities you can do with your kids this February! Need some Groundhog Day activities your child will love? Check out some of our favorite Groundhog Day activities below.

Groundhog Unit Study

I’ve created a FREE Printable Groundhog Unit Study you can use to explore these amazing creatures and the February tradition with your children. You’ll get science worksheets, a video playlist, Groundhog Day craft ideas, and fun printables with this mini-unit study.

This February, learn all about groundhogs just in time for Groundhog Day with my FREE Printable Groundhog Unit Study. You’ll get science worksheets such as groundhog anatomy and lifecycle, a video playlist, and fun printables with this mini-unit study. In addition to completing the groundhog’s life cycle, your kids can enjoy these other free printable groundhog activities too:

  • Vocabulary match
  • True or false worksheet
  • Label a groundhog
  • Groundhog wordsearch
  • Groundhog report organizer

Groundhog Day Activity Pack

I’ve put together a fun and exciting Groundhog Day Activity Pack you can print and use to learn more about groundhogs including how to draw your own Punxsutawney Phil for the holiday. My favorite is the “Fact or Legend?” worksheet included in this pack because it encourages kids to think about what’s fact and what is not. You’ll also get a printable groundhog investigation page, a word scramble, and a cute printable “Did You Know?” page all about groundhogs.

The Waldocks love trivia games! Trivia is a fun way to challenge yourself and your kids while helping increase retention. Included in my Groundhog Unit Study, you’ll get Groundhog Day trivia for reviewing what you’ve learned.

Groundhog Day Crafts

There are all kinds of fun Groundhog Day crafts to enjoy this February! Check out some of my favorites:

If you’re interested in more cute Groundhog Day craft ideas all in one place, check out my Groundhog Day Printable Crafts bundle. You’ll get an adorable cut-and-paste groundhog craft that’s perfect for encouraging children to build fine motor skills and get creative. Plus, super cute Groundhog Day hats kids can color and wear as they watch the big event this year!

You’ll get access to these fun craft ideas and more Groundhog Day crafts when you download my free Groundhog Day Activites all about these amazing animals. There are so many engaging hands-on ways to explore groundhogs and you won’t want to miss any of them!

Groundhog Day Shadow Matching Game

Matching games help children build thinking skills, develop concentration, and increase their attention spans. You can use matching games to build children’s persistence and give them a  chance to try new things without fear of failure. This Groundhog Day Shadow Matching Game is an easy way to practice matching and build these important early learning skills with your elementary homeschoolers too.

Groundhog Day Books

For us picture books are the perfect way to keep everyone in our homeschool happy. Emily is an auditory learner and Kevin and I are visual leaners. So using beautiful picture books means we are all equally engaged. Here is a list of our favorite Groundhog picture books to use in our homeschool.



Shadow Detectives Science Activity

There’s a lot we can learn about light from shadows! Groundhog Day is the perfect holiday for you to begin exploring light and shadows with your homeschoolers. Check out this Shadow Detectives science activity for a fun way to explore light and shadows with your kids this February.

More February Learning Resources

There are so many fun holidays in February! Groundhog Day is just the start of a month filled with exciting holidays to explore and learn about with your homeschoolers. Check out more of our favorite February learning resources with your homeschoolers to make learning fun and relevant this winter.

What’s your favorite February holiday to celebrate with your kids? Do you watch Punxsutawney Phil on February 2nd? Share your favorite February learning activities in the comment section for everyone to try this year!