Homeschool New Year’s Resolutions: My 2022 Plans

Did you make a New Year’s resolution for your homeschool this year? I’m excited about my resolution for our homeschool this year and I can’t wait to share it with you. Many of us have reached that midway point in the homeschooling year and we are thinking about what’s working and what’s not. 

January is the time of year when we feel the need to reassess and make changes. This January, I’ve decided to make just one big resolution. Keep reading to discover my #1 New Year’s resolution for homeschooling and my favorite way to homeschool in the month of January.

Homeschooling In The New Year

I like to use January to ease back into our homeschool routine after the holidays. One of the ways we gently get back to our schedule is with a fun family tradition. Every year in January, we commit to a book and a game a day.

The book and game challenge is a family favorite here at The Waldock Way. In a nutshell, it means we read a book and play a game together each day. We might do more learning activities or lessons, but if we manage a book and a game, the day is a success. 

Following this method of homeschooling in the new year is a good way to take the pressure off as we begin again after a busy holiday. Plus, there is so much learning fun to be had with great books and family game time! Check out my simple homeschool challenge for more tips on how to join us in our book & game challenge in 2022.

Do I Really Need A List Of New Year’s Resolutions In My Homeschool?

New Year’s resolutions are everywhere! A quick Google search reveals articles filled with homeschool resolutions for moms. The tops 3 articles today touted 10 to 15 new resolutions for homeschool moms to make this school year. 

I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of resolutions! Attempting to implement that many changes/resolutions is unrealistic and overwhelming. Instead, avoid the pressure and choose just one or two things to do/change this year. 

So do I really need a list of New Year’s resolutions in my homeschool? No, of course not. Want to see my only resolution for 2022?

My Only Resolution For 2022 In Our Homeschool

I’ve only got one big resolution this year and I’m pretty excited about it too. I’m going to make some changes to my approach. Instead of box-checking, feeling homeschool mom guilt, and getting mired down in my “to-do list,” we are going to love learning together!

Here’s my plan for our homeschool learning journey in 2022:

Lifestyle of Learning

I’m going to focus on a lifestyle of learning instead of worrying about checking boxes in our homeschool planner or completing a curriculum. I’ll allow myself a ton of grace and recognize that learning happens every day in a million ways. Then, I’ll let myself (and my family) enjoy the journey as we build a love of learning through real-world opportunities every day.

Tons of Grace

Did I mention grace? This year, I’m going to stop letting the homeschool mom guilt trap steal my joy. I’m going to give myself a ton of grace so I can focus on what’s really important to me: building a connection and forging a bond with my daughter. I only get once chance at this, I want to make it count!

Have Fun!

Finally, I’m going to have fun. We are going to have fun! I want learning to be fun for Emily so that she’ll love the process and continue learning throughout life, long after school is over. In order to cultivate that love of learning, we are going to have a lot of fun together. We will say yes to more games, more art, more great books, and yes to more field trips. I’m excited already! Aren’t you?

So what’s your homeschool New Year’s resolution for 2022? Are you going to focus on a lifestyle of learning with lots of fun and lots of grace for yourself too? Share your own resolutions in the comment section. I can’t wait to read them!

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  1. I’ve been feeling the same way! A homeschool mom friend and I have been talking and we both just wanted to ease back into the school year with more grace, more fun and doing what our kids love to do! We have been doing that this past week and overall I think it’s been a success!

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