A Brand New Homeschool Room Tour To Inspire You (2021)

The last year we spent hardly any time in our homeschool room. Which was sad because it was beautiful and everyone that saw it loved it. But, we never seemed to enjoy being in there anymore. That’s when it dawned on me that it was no longer working for our needs. Emily was getting older and I was hanging onto our early elementary homeschool room out of nostalgia. So, for Christmas I asked my husband to gift me a homeschool room update.

We updated our homeschool room to make it more age appropriate. Get a full look at our brand new homeschool room today!

Boy, did he deliver an amazing homeschool room makeover!

For storage and organizational purposes our homeschool room is split into a few different sections. This helps us easily keep track of what we have as well as make sure we don’t obtain too much of anything. For instance, once I have outgrown the book shelves then it is time to either purge or stop buying for a bit.

For the most part the homeschool room make over is brought to you by Ikea. However, I will add links to as much as possible. The first thing I did was find a rug. I knew I wanted a statement piece and this rug is gorgeous and fit the bill perfectly!

Homeschool Room Game Shelves – A Must!

The game shelves are my personal favorite part of the homeschool room even though we really didn’t change anything here. The 5×5 Kallax shelf unit houses the largest portion of our game collection. We use the Recollection Photo Boxes on top for card game storage. The Trofast stores any odd shaped games and her physical activity resources (jump rope, wiggle disc, wobble board, etc).

Cozy Book Corner of the Homeschool Room

If the game shelves are my favorite area the book corner is Emily’s. She can be found her frequently curled up with her fuzzy pillows, on the bean bag, reading a good book.

The book shelves are three 3×3 Closet Maid cube storage units. I will be honest I prefer the Kallax units from Ikea but they did not come in the height I needed and these have held a ton of books for many years so they work just fine.

I love having a place to strew books for Emily that is also self contained, so I knew I had to have the Flisat book shelf from Ikea because it was perfect for that.

After looking for over a month and not finding anything I liked for book bins, Kevin made me some. You can see the materials he used and the plans he drew for making them below:

Our Practical Homeschool Work Space

This space is where Kevin and Emily both work. They do art side by side the majority of the time and when I need to teach a lesson I just stand next to her side of the table area.

The work space is made up of four Alex draw units, two Linnmon tabletops, two Janinge Stools, two Raskog Carts, and two wooden artist drawing boards.

Kevin built boxes/pedastals to for the Alex draw units to sit up that raised the entire tabletop are four inches. We wanted it to be a bar height versus a table height.

Stored in the drawers are their art supplies, paper, and ongoing projects. The carts house their laptops, chargers, and anything else they need quick access to. They also both have a top on them to allow for an extra place to set things when they are pulled  out.

Geography, History, Science & Nature Corner of the Homeschool Room

This corner is made up of three 2×2 Kallax shelf units. On the top of them we have our continent boxes, globe, and nature finds on display. The shelves we store all of our Who Was books and encyclopedia/reference books that cover geography, history, science, and nature topics.

Hung on the wall we have a world map, wooden clock, and a moon phase and calendar wheel. In the window we keep a bird feeder, bird guide, and a pair of binoculars to encourage bird watching.

A Homeschool Maker Space To Inspire Creativity

Emily’s maker space also known as her S.T.E.M. center was an addition we made for her last year. It has been a huge hit and well loved since then. The only thing we did here was to change out the color of the bins that were in her Trofast units.

The maker space is made up of four Trofast storage units, a Linnmon tabletop covered with Creative QT bases, and an Adde chair.

Homeschool Subscription Boxes & Kits Storage

I used to store all of the subscription boxes and kits in my office. Unfortunately, I found that they were out of sight out of mind. So, we decided to move them into the homeschool room so we could make sure we were getting more done.

This storage area is made up of one 2×4 Kallax unit stacked on top of one 4×4 Kallax unit. Inside the unit we have four Kallax drawer inserts and eight grey-white striped storage bins.

Additional Items Pictured:

Watch the homeschool room tour video

We are all in love with the changes that we made to the room. I love how bright, cheery, and welcoming it is. And, I am thrilled that it has been used more in the past few months than ever before.


  1. Angela Pla says:

    Where did you get the continent boxes and do they come with items inside or do you fill them? Beautiful room and great video as always!

    1. There will be a conttinet box video and blog post out tomorrow, stay tuned for all that information.

    2. This was my same question too! I will be on the lookout for that as I absolutely love those boxes

  2. Jessica Bates says:


  3. Amazing space! Love how you organized it and it’s also beautiful.

  4. Where did you find your nature supplies ie..rocks, dinosaurs, displays etc…I need a set up like this for my boys, time to look through your blog/You Tube channel for strewing ideas ☺️

    1. We either find them on our nature walks or I buy a kit on Amazon. We just did a Fossil Dig kit and it had quite a few in it.

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