Homeschooling With Who Was Books: Mini-Unit Studies Your Kids Will Love

These mini unit studies use the “Who Was” book series from Who HQ to keep your homeschoolers engaged in history. These books are filled with important facts, historical events, and important contributions. Plus, they’re perfect for making historical figures come to life for your homeschool kids this school year.

We love reading these books aloud together to discover and learn about new characters and events in history. Paired with mini unit studies, it’s an excellent way to homeschool history with your kids this year. Ready to make your homeschool history fun and easy too? 

Keep reading to discover our favorite “Who Was” books. Plus, learn why these mini unit studies are so helpful in your homeschool history lessons.

What Are “Who Was” Books?

The “Who Was” books tell stories about people, places, and events from all over the world in a way that’s engaging and age-appropriate for kids. These creative books are filled with colorful pictures and historically accurate stories all about important historical figures. They’re perfect for introducing your homeschoolers to key historical figures and important events. 

We love using “Who Was” books in our homeschool history. These books are a great way to bring history to life for your homeschoolers too. Some of our favorites include Who Were the Wright Brothers, Who Was Blackbeard, Who Was Besty Ross, and Who Was Amelia Earhart.

Why “Who Was” Books Are So Helpful In Homeschool History

“Who Was” books are incredibly helpful in our homeschool history lessons. We love that they are story-based. Following a story about Martin Luther King, Jr. makes it easy to internalize important facts and really understand the importance of this civil rights leader. 

These “Who Was” books are kid-friendly too. Unlike some historical biographies, you won’t find anything you have to gloss over or skip. These books are just the right length for kids and filled with information that’s fascinating and age-appropriate too.

Finally, they’re intriguing! Have you ever read a biography that kept you on the edge of your seat? That’s what “Who Was” books will do for your kids. 

“Who Was” books are perfect for inspiring curiosity and keeping your kids engaged in the history lesson. No more memorizing dates and reading about events that don’t seem real. Instead, become best friends with real historical figures like Isaac Newton and Sacagawea in “Who Was” biographies.

“Who Was” Homeschool Studies Your Kids Will Love

I’ve put together activities, lessons, and fun ideas you can pair with your “Who Was” books to learn more about these important characters in history too. These mini unit studies make it easy to bring history to life for your kids. 

Plus, they’re put together in a way that makes it easy to use these unit studies with all your kids. These unit studies can be adapted easily for kids of different ages and abilities. Plus, I’ve got a promo sale that makes it the perfect time to explore these mini unit studies with your homeschoolers. 

Inside each Who Was Mini Unit Study, you’ll get my signature resource page with YouTube playlists, extra book suggestions, games to play, additional resource suggestions, and a Pinterest board filled with ideas too.

Additionally, you’ll get custom coloring pages perfect for keeping little hands busy during read alouds and bringing historical figures to life. I’ve also included a timeline in each book to help your kids piece together the history as they go. Finally, you’ll love the graphic organizers and writing pages that encourage your kids to dig deeper and practice their writing skills too.

And no Waldock Way study would be complete without a game and the Who Was Mini Unit Studies are no exception to that. Each mini unit study includes trivia cards that you can use to play a game to see who remembers the most facts.

Homeschooling History Made Easy

Sometimes history lessons blur together. History can become a list of dates and names that don’t feel connected. Understanding the timeline is pertinent, but it’s important to bring history to life too. 

For example, knowing when George Washington was born, when he became president, and when he died doesn’t really tell the whole story. “Who Was” books help homeschoolers understand what’s important and remember the story for years to come.

Want to make homeschooling history fun again? Then, you’ll love these “Who Was” books and mini-unit studies. Pairing these books and unit studies makes homeschooling history easy.

Grab your own mini unit studies and check out some “Who Was” books from your local library to get started learning about people like Abraham Lincoln, King Tut, and the Tuskegee Airmen. Who are you most excited to introduce your homeschoolers to this year?