Learning Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult: Using Discovery Decks In Your Homeschool

Fortunately, learning doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be lots of fun! Cultivating lifelong learners is much easier when we can make lessons fun and engaging for our children. Plus, difficult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Did you know children learn and retain more when activities are engaging and fun for them? That’s why it’s so important to incorporate interest-led learning and embrace activities and tools that we might not associate with traditional learning like games, toys, and even screen time. 

That’s part of why I’ve created our newest interest-led learning resource: Discovery Decks. These printable card decks are filled with questions your kids really want to know the answers to about all their favorite topics including, animals, plants, outer space, and history. Want to learn more about how we’re making learning fun and easy with Discovery Decks? Keep reading to get the scoop on this new resource that’s easy for kids and moms too!

Difficult is NOT Better In Your Homeschool

We often assume that learning doesn’t truly “count” if it’s fun or effortless. But that’s just not true! When lessons and activities are engaging and fun, understanding and retention increase. That’s why children learn more through play than any other method. 

Homeschooling parents can easily fall into a thinking trap that tells us completing difficult tasks is a better way to teach our kids what they need to learn. Fortunately, it’s not true and we can embrace learning styles and activities that encourage our kids with interactive fun!

It’s also true that homeschooling doesn’t have to be difficult for us. We can embrace printable crafts, fun video playlists, and reading books together as fun and engaging ways to teach in our homeschool. Lessons aren’t “better” just because they require lots of preparation and elaborate setups from parents. 

If you’re ready to embrace easy, fun, and engaging learning opportunities in your homeschool that totally “count,” don’t miss our discovery decks! These decks answer all your kids’ curious questions and even a few they never knew they had with short learning videos they’ll love.

Using Discovery Decks In Your Homeschool

Our new Discovery Decks are a great example of easy, fun learning that can have a big impact on your homeschool lessons. Each Discovery Deck features 20 questions your kids have probably asked you and new questions to spark their curiosity. Every card features a QR code that leads to awesome videos to help answer their questions in a way that encourages them to dig deeper and learn more.

These decks are perfect for homeschooling, they work well as a strewing activity, and they’re tons of fun for carschooling families too. Families can use them to add learning fun to any day, at home or on the go. This is a resource you can use with kids of all ages, even kids who aren’t reading yet can watch the videos and learn about space, human anatomy, and more!

Easy And Fun Learning At Your Fingertips

Ready for easy and fun learning at your fingertips? I love how quick and easy it is to learn with these decks!

Kids can work at their own pace and you might be surprised to find they’ve completed a whole deck in just one day! Fortunately, there are 12 different decks for kids to explore and learn from:

Plus, more new discovery decks are in the works. Who knows which topics we will think of next?

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