Discovery Decks: Learning That’s Creative And Fun!

I’m so excited to share our latest product with you! Our new Discovery Decks are an excellent way to foster critical thinking skills and encourage your child’s natural curiosity. Plus, they’re so much fun!

Each Discovery Deck features 20 questions your kids have probably asked you and questions kids are naturally curious about. There are also some awesome videos to help answer their questions in a way that encourages them to dig deeper and keep being curious.

These decks are perfect for homeschool days when you need an easy win, they work well as a strewing activity, and they’re tons of fun for carschooling families too. Keep reading to find out how you can use these decks to teach critical thinking skills in your homeschool and grab your child’s favorite deck today!

Encourage Curiosity and Critical Thinking

The newest addition to our interest-led homeschool lessons is one we all love! These Discovery Decks answer questions kids are naturally curious about like “Why do some animals hibernate?” and “Where do boogers come from?” They’re perfect for encouraging kids to explore and find the answers to all their questions.

Encouraging children to practice critical thinking skills and nurturing their natural curiosity are important ways we can prepare them for success and help them view learning as a lifelong goal. When we encourage our kids to be curious, think critically, and ask questions, we teach them how to navigate the world around them and find solutions.

There are lots of ways to encourage these skills in a homeschool setting. Exploring topics our kids love and letting them ask all their questions are great ways to begin encouraging their natural curiosity. As interest-led homeschoolers, we focus a lot on asking questions, encouraging research, reading about interesting topics, and hands-on exploration. 

Our Discovery Decks are resources that encourage kids to ask big questions and dive deep into great books and videos that will help them find the answers. They’re perfect for modeling critical thinking with your homeschoolers and sparking discussions that will lead to learning about their favorite subjects.

Discovery Decks For Learning In Your Homeschool

These discovery decks are perfect for interest-led learning families who want to give their homeschoolers choices in the lessons and activities they study each day. Kids can pick one of the 20 cards in the deck they’re most interested in and dive deep into learning about something fascinating and new. 

Discovery Decks help kids discover interesting new topics they might not have considered before and answer common questions all kids are curious about in a way that’s engaging and fun for them. There are 6 different Discovery Decks, all designed to encourage learning and foster connection in your homeschool without adding any extra prep time or work for parents. Check out all the decks we’ve got right now below.

All About Animals 

Does your kiddo love animals? Then you won’t want to miss this All About Animals Discovery Deck including interesting questions like “Do animals fart?” and thought-provoking questions for deeper discussions like “Why do animals become endangered?”

There are 20 cards in this deck, each with a new question and opportunities to encourage critical thinking and curiosity in your homeschool. Each card features a QR code that leads to kid-friendly videos to answer their questions and teach them more about new topics without any added stress for homeschool parents.

If you’ve got a budding zoologist at home, you won’t want to miss this animal deck. It’s perfect for strewing, entertaining kids on a rainy afternoon, or as an added carschooling activity.

All About Plants 

There’s so much to learn about the world of plants! Discovery everything from plant cells to photosynthesis, to Venus Fly Traps in this fun All About Plants Discovery Deck.  The cards in this deck are the perfect introduction to life sciences like botany and biology. 

This plant discovery deck comes in handy on nature walks or during nature study too. I like using this deck in the car as we travel to the parks alongside our Traveling the Parks unit study. It’s perfect for answering questions about some of the cool plants we see while hiking in the national parks or state parks. 

All Things Ocean

Did you know that more than 80 percent of the ocean has never been mapped, explored, or even seen by humans? It’s true! There’s still so much to discover in our oceans. 

This All Things Ocean Discovery Deck is the perfect place to begin exploring the ocean with your homeschoolers this year. It’s filled with all the things little oceanographers and marine biologists want to know. They’ll love questions like “Why do whales sing?” and “What if sharks disappear?” You’ll love that they’re learning independently and having a fun ocean adventure.

All Things Space 

Do you know why things float in space? Find out the answer to this question and so many more interesting things about space with our new All About Space Discovery Deck. This deck features 20 cards with questions, answers, and QR codes featuring learning videos to engage your future astronauts as they get curious about outer space.

Then, check out our interest-led Space Unit Study to learn more about astronomy, astronauts, and the solar system. You can also dive deep into a unit study all about our closest neighbor in space with the Moon Unit Study featuring legends about the moon and interesting facts about every moon phase. 

All Things Weather

If your homeschoolers are curious about the weather, climate change, or other fascinating weather events, you will definitely want to grab this All Things Weather Discovery Deck. It’s filled with questions about the weather your kids are curious about like “What causes thunder and lightning?” and “How is a rainbow made?” Plus, there are more thought-provoking questions for older learners including topics like weather emergencies and climate change. 

This deck can be laminated to make it more durable, so you can keep it for years and bring it out whenever your kids have questions about an upcoming storm or the weather outside their windows. It’s perfect for putting fears to rest with knowledge and fun. Then, learn more in our Weather & Natural Disasters Unit Study.

How It’s Made

Do your kids like to tinker? Do they always want to know how things are made? Then this How It’s Made Discovery Deck is the perfect addition to your homeschool science lessons! 

Your whole family will enjoy finding the answers to questions like “How is money made?” and watching the awesome video explanations together is a great way to show our homeschoolers that learning is something we do our entire lives.

Interesting Inventions

Next, don’t miss my Interesting Inventions Discovery Deck. It’s fascinating to learn about how things are made, but what about all the very cool inventions we’ve never thought about? Homeschoolers who love to build and create will love this deck!

Find out who invented the microwave, video games, and the toiled in this Discovery Deck. It’s filled with cool videos and I just know your homeschoolers are going to be excited to learn all the answers!

The Human Body

There’s a lot to learn about the human body. Scientists are still studying the body and learning new things every day! Encourage your kids to join in the fun with answers to everything they’re curious about like “Why are there different types of blood?” and “What causes bad breath?”

Then, find the answers together as you watch interesting kid-friendly videos with The Human Body Discovery Deck. If you find your kids are truly enjoying learning about the human body, check out my complete Human Body Unit Study for interest-led learners.

More Interest-Led Learning Ideas You’ll Love

Interest-led learning is ideal for curious kids because it lets them follow the rabbit trail of their imagination to new and fascinating lessons! We love diving deep into topics Emily is passionate about together and we want to encourage you to build connection and critical thinking skills with your homeschoolers in the same way. Check out more of our interest-led learning ideas for curious kids below.

What are your favorite ways to encourage curiosity and foster critical thinking skills? Share your favorite ways to practice these skills and build connections in the comments. Don’t forget to share your family’s favorite Discovery Decks too!