Easy Ways To Sneak in Homeschool Learning

When we began our homeschooling journey, I knew I wanted to cultivate a lifestyle of learning for our family. I quickly discovered that Emily learned best in real-world scenarios like making lunch together. She was much more likely to retain the things she learned this way than the concepts she learned by completing workbooks. 

It didn’t take long for me to adopt all kinds of unique and creative techniques for our homeschool lessons. We began following an interest-led approach to give her some decision making skills and create opportunities for her to take an active role in our homeschool learning. 

Before long I had found all kinds of easy ways to sneak in homeschool learning no matter what we were doing that day. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite easy ways to sneak in homeschool learning! Keep reading to discover my favorite tips and resources for creative homeschooling with your family this year.

A Lifestyle Of Learning In Your Homeschool

We all want our children to be lifelong learners. We want them to seek knowledge, love reading, and protect their innate curiosity and imagination. Sometimes it’s easy to cultivate a learning lifestyle.

During some seasons of our lives, cultivating a lifestyle of learning is more difficult. If we’re in a season of hardship, resistance from our kids, or intense focus on business, a lifestyle of learning can feel too challenging.

Over the years, we’ve adapted to a schedule of year-round homeschooling that allows us to take advantage of the natural ebbs and flows of the seasons. Since we school year-round, we can take breaks during more busy seasons of the year like Christmas and spend more time outdoors on warm Summer days.

Another way we’re cultivating a lifestyle of learning is by getting creative. We sneak homeschool learning into our day in all kinds of weird and creative ways. From techniques like strewing and gameschooling to adaptations like carschooling and embracing screens, we’re finding new ways to build a lifestyle of learning in our homeschool every day!

Easy Ways To Sneak In Homeschool Learning

There are all kinds of fun little ways we sneak homeschool learning into our days throughout the year! From listening to podcasts in the car to playing with waterproof cards in the pool, we’ve become really creative about sneaking in homeschool learning wherever we are that day.

Pool School

We live in Florida, so our summers get really hot! Floating around in our backyard pool is the best way to cool off. During the summer months, you’ll find us in the pool every day.

Fortunately, I’ve found a way to keep the learning going while we beat the heat! By investing in a floating card table and some waterproof games, we’ve turned our backyard pool into a homeschool classroom. Summer learning in the pool is fun for everyone and your kids won’t even know they’re actually doing school work.

Car Schooling

Since we live about 20 minutes from town, days when I need to run errands mean a lot of time spent in the car. We also really love to travel. Bringing along school activities and lessons we can do on the go helps us sneak homeschool learning into a busy day running errands.

Curious about how to homeschool on the go? Check out my article filled with tips on how we sneak in homeschool learning while we travel. Plus, a list of my favorite must-have items for car schooling.


We love playing games together as a family, so it’s no surprise that we’re big gameschoolers. Learning through game play increases retention, it’s tons of fun. It’s also the perfect way to take the pressure off of learning concepts your kids might be struggling with this school year. 

My ultimate guide to gameschooling can help you get started using this method to sneak in homeschool learning. Then, discover ways to gameschool every subject you’re teaching this year:

A Book & A Game

Getting back to homeschool lessons after the holidays can feel really difficult. Our kids aren’t always ready and neither are we! I like to ease back into lessons at this time of year.

Instead of diving right back into our regular unit studies, we focus on taking things slow and spending lots of time together building connection. January is the perfect time of year to slow down, spend more time cuddled up with a book and cocoa, and enjoy a more relaxed way of homeschool learning.

That’s why I began the book & game a day challenge. During this season, I focus on just getting one book read and one game played each day. Anything else is just icing on the cake. 

Wanna join us as we read great books and play fun games together this winter? Learn more about this tradition and discover tips for getting back to homeschooling after the holidays to get started making a plan for your winter homeschool lessons.

Learning on the Treadmill

In the past year, we’ve been focusing a lot on healthy physical activity. We are spending more time getting active as a family. I am loving our daily nature walks outdoors and the 5K races we are entering together each month. 

At home, we are incorporating lots of fun new ways to sneak in homeschool learning while being active. For example, homeschooling on the treadmill is just one weird way to homeschool that really works for us! We’re using some really cool technology from Nordic Track that allows Emily to go on walks through places all over the world like Serengeti National Park.

You could use a basic treadmill with point-of-view videos from YouTube for a similar effect. Let your kids explore all kinds of amazing places while walking with channels like National Park Trail Hikes, Washington D.C. Virtual Walk and Tour, or Venice, Italy Walking Tour.

Resources For Creative Homeschooling

If you’re looking for more creative ways to sneak in homeschool learning, discover more of our favorites here:

Do you have any creative ways to sneak in homeschool learning that I didn’t mention? Share your great ideas in the comments too. I can’t wait to try some of your creative learning ideas in our homeschool!