Fun And Engaging Morning Basket Ideas Your Child Will Love

Homeschool morning baskets have become our favorite way to start the day. We love morning baskets because they give me an opportunity to fill Emily’s basket first thing. These engaging morning basket ideas have led to exploring new topics as a family that we might never have thought to learn about. 

I think everyone should give homeschool morning baskets a try. A great morning basket has the power to totally change your morning routine in a good way. Morning basket ideas and read-alouds focus on topics your child is interested in and curious about. 

Morning baskets are a great way to set yourself up for success! Keep reading to discover my favorite morning basket resources and engaging morning basket ideas your child will love. 

Why Morning Baskets Works So Well In Our Homeschool

We love morning baskets! The concept of a morning basket is simple to follow and they’ve definitely been a game changer for our homeschool days here at the Waldock Way. 

A homeschool morning basket is a carefully curated collection of books and activities your child can do independently or together. Morning baskets are the perfect way to incorporate activities your child is interested in outside of the regular lesson plan. 

An engaging morning basket idea is a great way to learn about subjects you might not always have time for during lessons. For example, art and poetry work well in morning baskets. If you find that you’re not getting to your poetry book during the day, add it to your morning basket and watch what happens.

Why We Love Homeschool Morning Baskets

We love morning baskets because we can use them to incorporate activities and items that Emily wants to explore and learn more about. That means our homeschool day begins with happy exploration and engagement as we connect over great books and fun games.

Getting your child involved in what goes into your morning basket will help too. With each basket, we get an opportunity to discuss Emily’s interests and what she wants to learn about. By planning our morning baskets together, we’re teaching Emily how to make a plan, use the local library, and manage a budget.

How We Use Morning Baskets

Morning baskets can function in a variety of ways in your homeschool. For us, morning baskets are something we do together as a family each morning. We might not get to every activity in the basket each day and that’s totally ok. 

Some activities in our homeschool morning basket are visited every day. There are great books we try to read a bit in them every day. Other activities are completed on a kind of loop schedule, meaning we might do them every other day or once a week. 

We usually theme our morning baskets around an upcoming holiday, a unit study we are currently doing together, or a topic Emily is curious about. You don’t have to change your morning basket materials every month or even theme your morning basket. You can switch it up weekly or seasonally.

50 Fun And Engaging Morning Basket Ideas Your Child Will Love

You can use tons of fun and engaging morning basket ideas to bring learning to life in your homeschool this year. We have lots of fun choosing themes for our morning baskets! Plus, letting Emily get in on the planning and purchasing of materials is an awesome real-world learning experience. 

While we enjoy theming our homeschool morning baskets, it’s not essential. In fact, you can use morning baskets in your homeschool no matter what your approach. Waldorf morning baskets, Montessori morning baskets, Charlotte Mason morning baskets, and Unschooling baskets all work fantastically. 

No matter what your homeschooling style is, you can use some of our favorite fun and engaging morning basket ideas.

Current Events for Your Morning Time

If you are interested in adding current events to your morning time consider doing it with a short 10 minute video from CNN10 or World Watch News.

Art in Your Morning Basket



Music in Your Morning Time



I highly reccomend checking out the Classics for Kids podcast as well as SQUILT for adding even more music to your morning time!

Poetry in Your Morning Basket



Grammar & Writing in Your Morning Time



Logic & Math in Your Morning Basket



Geography and History in Your Morning Time



Science & STEM in Your Morning Basket



Bible & Character in Your Morning Time



Be sure to check out these blog posts for even more ideas:

5 Themed Homeschool Morning Baskets

My daughter is an intense kiddo and she likes to dive deep into topics. I found that when I kept trying to do a more traditional morning basket it never seemed to fit just quite right for us. By using material that is all on one topic I am allowing her dive deep while still enjoying our morning basket together. Here are a few of our favorite themed morning baskets.

Do you want to add some art themed resources to your morning time? Then this art and artist themed morning basket is perfect for you!

Art & Artist Themed Morning Basket

Art isn’t really my thing, but it’s a passion that Emily and Kevin share. Our Art & Artist Themed Morning Basket started as a way to incorporate more art into our homeschool days. In the end, we learned so much from all the great books and fun activities we chose for this homeschool morning basket. 

Want more great ideas on how to teach your homeschoolers about famous artists and art techniques? Check out my list of The Best Art Games For Your Homeschool to get more engaging morning basket ideas.

Astronomy Homeschool Morning Basket

Outer space has always been a truly fascinating topic for Emily. This engaging morning basket idea focuses on astronomy and it works really well with our Space Unit Study. You can discover all the fun books, games, and activities in our Astronomy Morning Basket together this year.

Bug Themed Morning Basket

Every Spring we raise caterpillars as a family. If you haven’t tried raising caterpillars together, you definitely should add this activity to your homeschool plans this Spring. 

If your homeschooler is a budding entomologist, you’ll definitely want to check out this Bug Themed Morning Basket. This homeschool morning basket matches up well with our free Charles Henry Turner unit study. 

Dinosaur Homeschool Morning Basket

Dinosaurs are definitely one of my favorite engaging morning basket ideas! It’s a topic that’s exciting for homeschoolers of all ages. Discover my favorite Dinosaur Morning Basket activities, games, and read-alouds. Then, check out some of our free Mary Anning Unit Study all about the famous Dinosaur Lady.

Greek Mythology Morning Basket

If you haven’t explored our brand new Greek Heroes Unit Study, you’ll definitely want to check it out. Greek mythology is fascinating! This engaging morning basket idea is perfect for introducing your homeschoolers to mythology and Ancient Greece. 

Check out our Greek Mythology Morning Basket for fun games like Greek spot it and colorful books like Usborne’s Book of Greek Myths. Plus, mad libs with a Greek flair and printable activities too.

More Helpful Morning Basket Resources

If you’re just beginning to incorporate homeschool morning baskets into your routine, you probably have lots of questions. I’d love to help you get started with this technique because it has become an important part of our own homeschool journey that we all enjoy. Discover how to use morning baskets in your homeschool and build your own engaging morning baskets too.

Our morning basket journey started when I discovered the concept from Pam Barnhill. Read what she has to say about Your Homeschool Morning Basket to learn more about the idea behind morning baskets and discover more morning basket resources you can use too. 

Then, come back and share your best engaging morning basket ideas in the comments. I can’t wait to read them and share them with Emily too!

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