May Homeschool Printables That Are Absolutely Free

I can’t wait to share my latest collection of FREE homeschool printables with you! These printable activities are filled with fun for the month of May. There are Star Wars activities, Cinco de Mayo printables, Mother’s Day goodies, and more!

You can use my free homeschool printables to add fun to your lesson plans this May. Use them to keep little hands busy while you read, connect with your kids over a coloring activity for Cinco de Mayo, or teach them about the power of gratitude for Mother’s Day. However you use them, these printables are perfect for homeschooling on a budget this May.

Plus, you can sign up to get my free printables delivered right to your inbox this Mayl. Then, use them together with interest-led unit studies and seasonal celebrations for fun and engaging learning at home. Keep reading to get a special May homeschool checklist and all kinds of printable fun for your homeschoolers.

Homeschooling Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive 

Whoever said homeschooling has to be expensive? Sometimes surfing through packaged curriculum sites can make it seem that way, but it doesn’t have to be! Over the years, I have learned how to offset costs by creating my own resources. 

Putting together my own ideas, activities, and printables means I can match them to Emily’s interests and passions. For example, when Emily wanted to learn with the Magic Treehouse book series, I was able to create the Passport to Adventures curriculum. Since then, I have incorporated science, history, art, geography and so much more into our custom curriculum using the books in the series. 

Now, Kevin and I have pooled our talents and resources to create custom unit studies and printables for our own family and your homeschooling journey too. It means a lot to us to give back to the homeschooling community we have come to love with our own one-of-a-kind unit studies and free printables.

This month, you can take advantage of our printables and resources at zero cost. It’s our way of giving back to this community we love. Join us as we celebrate Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, learn about ladybugs and butterflies and more with printables that are absolutely free!

Free Homeschool Printables For May

I’m offering free printables via emails every single month. These printables will arrive in your email inbox with ready-made, fun, and easy activities you can print and use with your homeschoolers for free! Don’t miss all the fun and engaging FREE May printables below:

Star Wars Color by Number

Build fine motor skills, learn about colors, and celebrate Star Wars Day in your homeschool with a free printable Star Wars Color by Number. It’s the perfect way to say “May the fourth be with you!” to your homeschoolers this month.

Cinco de Mayo Activity Pack 

The very next day, get ready to celebrate Mexico and explore their culture with your homeschoolers using this free Cinco de Mayo activity pack. It includes a great color by number activity your kids will love. Plus, you’ll get word games, reading comprehension activities, and art prompts themed for the occasion.

Mother’s Day Cards & Activities

Need an easy Mother’s Day card idea for your homeschoolers this May? This free printable foldable Mother’s Day Card is a great way to practice handwriting skills and get creative with your homeschoolers. Plus, the activity bundle is filled with learning opportunities your kids will enjoy just as much as mom.

Meet Moina Michael “The Poppy Lady” 

In this custom unit study, your homeschoolers will get to know Moina Michael, the brilliant mind behind the poppies for Memorial Day. This history lesson is just perfect for learning about Memorial Day and our history with your homeschoolers. Plus, it’s absolutely free!

Ladybug, Butterfly, and Frog lapbook 

Use these themed lapbooks to learn while enjoying the beautiful weather and nature outside during the month of May. It’s a great way to explore important science concepts, introduce your homeschoolers to nature study, and just get outside for some vitamin D too.

If you love to celebrate the holidays then be sure to check out my Holiday Fun Around the World curriculum for exciting lessons from 30 different holidays, festivals, and celebrations all over the world. You’ll get to explore different cultures and celebrations all over the world throughout the calendar year! 

More Creative Resources For Your Homeschool

Want more? Don’t worry, there are tons of creative resources for your homeschool available in my shop and lots of other great ideas you can read about too. Check out some of our favorites!

Which absolutely free May printables are you most excited to use with your homeschoolers this month? Share your favorites in the comments. I can’t wait to read about which printables and activities you love the best.

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