My 5 Must Haves For Homeschool Moms

A huge part of homeschooling for me, is keeping myself in check. It is so easy to go overboard and end up with more than you will ever use.

I keep seeing all the homeschool mom things and wanting to buy all the homeschool mom things. It feels like it really is a sickness called “shinythingitus“. So to combat “shinythingitus” I started asking myself every time something pops up that catches my eye, “Do I really need this or do I just want this?”

My 5 Must-Haves For Homeschool Moms

I’ve learned that most of the time I just want something new and shiny but I don’t actually need it. In fact, it made me wonder, what do I really NEED to homeschool? I was shocked when I listed just 5 items that I absolutely need for homeschooling. Could I and do I use more than these 5? Absolutely!

But if you were to ask me what are my top 5 must have items to homeschool I think my answers might just surprise you!

1. A Library Card

A Library Card is my number one must have. With my library card I can check out books, CDs and DVDs and also use apps like Hoopla and OverDrive to read ebooks and listen to audio books for free. This card is like the all access pass for homeschool moms to just about anything you or your children ever want to learn about.

2. My Computer

I can use my computer to buy curriculum, search Pinterest, watch video tutorials on YouTube for just about every subject, and watch educational shows on streaming services such as Curiosity Stream. With my laptop in my arsenal there isn’t much I can’t do.

3. A Printer

I cannot live without my printer, in fact I use it so much that I have the highest not even open to the public HP Instant Ink Plan at 700 pages a month. I do a lot of printing. I buy or create the majority of my homeschool curriculum digitally so I print almost everything myself.

4. My Laminator

I love to laminate. There is nothing better than the smell of my laminator warming up on the counter. I laminate ALL THE THINGS, I think it makes everything prettier and more durable so the things last longer.

5. A Binding Machine

Proclick (Binding Machine), I love binding almost as much as laminating and I really do not like driving to the office store every time I need something done. The Proclick has spines that reopen which make me super happy because I can change the things that I have bound if I need to. You can see more about how this binder works in My Favorite Print & Prep Resources video.

The Value Of Knowing My Homeschool Must-Haves

Taking the time to sort through what really are the most important things for me to have in our homeschool has really helped me to navigate those times when I want to buy it all. It helps keep me grounded to know that what I see I want and not need and that helps me to decide just how much I want it.

Seriously though, I really could homeschool effectively and successfully with JUST these 5 things and some internet service. I could either buy digital curriculum or make my own. I could get all of our books from the library, and I could stream YouTube videos and documentaries.

Homeschooling With Less Not More

I highly encourage you to make a list of what your homeschool can not live without. I think you will find it freeing. I also think you will realize you can homeschool with less and not more. Sometimes simplicity really is bliss.

If you are someone who is considering homeschooling but think you can’t because of the cost I want you to know you can absolutely do it affordably with just a handful of things. You don’t need a ton of supplies. A library card and some resourcefulness is all you really need to get started!

What are your homeschool must haves? Tell me in the comments I would love to know what it is you can’t live without in your homeschool.


  1. chickieandroo says:

    Great must-haves! I totally agree, when we started homeschooling the first thing we bought was a laser printer. The ink jet was not going to keep up with everything we needed to print!

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