The Ultimate Book List for Homeschool Moms

Lately, I’ve been reading just for me and it’s amazing! Reading a book that isn’t an assignment or pre-reading for homeschool lessons has been a big step toward self-care this year. If you’re looking for books to begin reading this year, you’re in the right place.

I’m excited to share these books for homeschool moms and what I’m reading right now for my own enjoyment. Keep reading to discover the ultimate book list for homeschool moms including all my favorite titles. Plus, get the scoop on how I’m using reading for myself as a form of self-care this year and how you can too.

Does a Homeschool Mom Have to be a Reader?

Initially, I wasn’t a big reader. I didn’t feel like I had time to read and I didn’t really enjoy it at first. My reading journey began because of homeschooling. 

I wanted my daughter Emily to see me holding a book and reading, so I decided to start picking up books instead of reaching for my phone. It worked! That’s when I started reading homeschooling related books for myself. 

Later, I realized I actually love reading all kinds of books, not just books for homeschool moms. These days, I’m reading more and more as I work on adopting self-care practices and taking care of my mental health. Keep reading to discover how reading can be a form of self-care for you too.

Reading as Self-Care

Reading has many awesome benefits as we homeschooling moms know well, but what about reading for yourself? This year, I’m trying to read more for myself as a form of self-care. Reading great books is an easy way to care for my mental health.

Did you know reading improves memory, reduces stress (Some studies say reading reduces stress as much as 68%!), and helps build self-esteem? Plus, it’s a great way to improve and develop your skills in just about any area. 

With so many different genres and topics, it is impossible to not find something you enjoy reading.  Libraries have such a wide array of books, including audiobooks, so you can always try a new genre for free! Did you know you can even check out books on your Kindle from the library?

I prefer reading on my Kindle because it’s easy to fit in my purse and take along wherever I go. That way, I can squeeze in a little reading no matter where I’m at, even if I only have a few extra minutes. Plus, I can change the font size on my Kindle which makes it really easy to read without my glasses.

Books for Homeschool Moms

There are so many good books for homeschool moms! Over the years, I’ve collected lots of titles I really love. If you’re looking for some homeschool mom books to add to your shelves and read for your own mental health, check these out.



What I’m Reading Now

Wanna know what I’m reading right now? I’ll warn you that I’m a sucker for hallmark romances, mysteries, and thrillers. If you want to see my current reading list, check out Jessica’s Books in my Amazon shop. I add to it each time I finish my current book. So, you will find a long list of books I have recently enjoyed!

Then, don’t miss other related posts about reading for homeschool moms. You’ll find some of my favorite books for homeschool moms, great gift ideas, tips on how to get started reading for yourself, and some realistic ideas for self-care as a homeschool mom.

Do you have a favorite homeschool mom book I didn’t share? Share your favorite book in the comments. I’d love to read about your favorites and add them to my reading list!

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  1. Beckie Garcia says:

    Leigh Bortin’s books (“The Core”, “The Question”, and “The Conversation”) are great books for moms who prefer a classical education.

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