How Our Homeschool Math Has Changed (For The Better!)

Homeschooling math doesn’t have to be stressful. If your homeschooler doesn’t like math, don’t lose heart. There are lots of different math programs for homeschoolers and choosing the right one can be challenging.

After lots of trial and error, we discovered a math program that totally changed our homeschool for the better! Teaching Textbooks has made learning math fun again for our family. Want to learn more?

Keep reading to see how the Teaching Textbooks program has made all the difference in our homeschool. Plus, discover our favorite features and things to know about the Teaching Textbooks homeschool math curriculum.

Homeschool Math Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

I love math so I wasn’t expecting it when Emily decided she didn’t really like math. In fact, the more I pushed, the more reluctant she became. Over the years, we tried lots of different math programs and I had to get creative with ways to make math more fun.

Do you have a homeschooler who doesn’t like math? Are you still searching for a math program that works for your family? I’ve got good news!

Homeschooling math doesn’t have to be stressful. Our favorite math program, Teaching Textbooks is filled with real-world math in a customized experience with tons of feedback for homeschoolers. Teaching Textbooks has made teaching math easy and fun in our homeschool. 

Homeschool Math Program That Takes Out The Guesswork

Teaching Textbooks is a math program that takes out all the guesswork! It’s easy to use for homeschoolers and homeschool parents too. Did you know Teaching Textbooks has all kinds of great features to make homeschooling math easy and fun? 

10 Things You Need To Know About Teaching Textbooks

1) Teaching Textbooks uses real life examples. Real world lessons and examples help students develop problem-solving skills and practice analytical thinking. By using real life examples, Teaching Textbooks helps kids learn the important lesson that math is a part of everyday life.

2) Kids get second chances with Teaching Textbooks. Giving students more than one chance to demonstrate mastery helps kids develop a growth mindset, encourages them to try again, and helps them develop resilience. When homeschoolers make a mistake with Teaching Textbooks, they can get hints, extra help, and try again.

3) Buddies and customized rewards keep homeschoolers motivated and excited about completing lessons with Teaching Textbooks. Choosing a custom wallpaper, her own buddy, and rewards she likes are some of Emily’s favorite aspects of this homeschool math program.

4) Teaching Textbooks is available offline too. Unlike many online or screen based learning programs, this homeschool math curriculum is available for kids to learn offline too. You can download up to 6 lessons to access offline for learning on the go with your homeschoolers.

5) ACT and SAT prep are built into the Teaching Textbooks program so it’s easy to get extra daily practice for your homeschoolers. Adding test prep to your daily lessons makes it easy to help prepare college-bound students for these important milestones.

6) The scratchpad feature is eco-friendly and helpful for learning on the go. This new feature lets kids work out problems on virtual paper while saving trees. Plus, features like undo, redo, clear all, zoom, and customized pencils are way more fun than your traditional no.2 with a rubber eraser.

7) Automated grading makes life easy for homeschool parents. In addition to daily reports through the online parent portal and email feedback, you’ll get automated grading to take the guesswork out of teaching math in your homeschool this year.

8) Teaching Textbooks can be accessed on multiple devices by the same student. This feature makes it easy for Emily to do math on her tablet, my device, or our home computer. No more worrying about charging up her device before completing a lesson!

9) Printables are available for extra practice on paper. Learning on screen is a lot of fun for Emily and it’s really convenient. However, there are times when I like having a printable to watch how she works out problems or save a work sample for her learning portfolio.

10) Teaching Textbooks offers a free trial for 15 days, so you can get two full weeks of practice with this new math program before you commit to the purchase. If you’re reluctant to commit to an onscreen math curriculum or you’ve already purchased a few math programs that didn’t work out, this free trial option will give you the chance to see what it’s about before you buy.

Why Teaching Textbooks Works So Well For My Family

Emily loves Teaching Textbooks! Finding a math program she really likes was a game changer for us and it’s one of the biggest reasons we come back to Teaching Textbooks again and again. 

One of Emily’s favorite aspects of the program is her interactive buddy. Kids get an interactive learning buddy for added support during math lessons. This on-screen friend accompanies them in every lesson and it’s totally customizable too.

That’s another thing Emily loves about Teaching Textbooks. The whole program is customizable. She can really make the learning experience her own with custom wallpapers, sounds, and hints during challenging practice problems.

Kevin and I love Teaching Textbooks too. Here are some of our favorite features:

  • We can use Teaching Textbooks offline and on the go.
  • There’s lots of parent feedback and progress reports to keep us informed.
  • Teaching Textbooks can be accessed from multiple devices.

Are you still searching for a math program that really works in your homeschool? Have you tried Teaching Textbooks? Share what you love about homeschooling math and what works for your family in the comments. I can’t wait to read them!

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    We just started it this year and we are in love!! You’re right it changed everything!!

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